Cheapish tablets

  sugerice 11:35 09 Dec 2011

Do any tech-savvy folk know anything about the cheapish tablets? - I know they're never gonna compare to an iPad but are there any that are half decent for games, youtube etc? - Doesn't need to hold a lot, just something basic - Pref under £120? - Is this possible??

Thanks all :)

  interzone55 12:50 09 Dec 2011


The problem with cheap tablets is the Resistive touchscreens, which are cheaper but much less sensitive than the Capacitive touchscreens fitted to the iPad and most decent smart phones.

This will obviously impact on the usability of the tablet where games are concerned

  sugerice 13:13 09 Dec 2011

Yea I have read a lot of reviews and I can see that seems to be the issue and I know how frustrating that is lol.

Someone just recommended Novo7 - it looks really really good but I'm wondering if I should just stick to a Kindle - just wish they could be used to play games and that would be perfect

  sugerice 13:47 09 Dec 2011
  interzone55 14:36 09 Dec 2011

The Archos tablets don't run Android as far as I'm aware, so won't have much software available

The Novo7 is supposed to be pretty good, and I think it's got a decent capacitive screen

  ams4127 17:25 09 Dec 2011

Have a look on Ebay for a second hand Ipad (original). If rumour is to be beieved, the iPad 3 will be released next year and the original ones will start to drop in price. It might be worth holding back for a few months.

  T0SH 20:12 09 Dec 2011

There are a few capacitive multi touch screen android tablets out there in 7" 8" & 10" sizes it is somewhat of a minefield though so tread carefully and read the specifications and the buyer reviews well before you decide to purchase

I find Amazon UK has quite a good selection the two Amazon suppliers I personally have had good experience in dealings with were Tabtec and A1CS but no doubt others will have differing opinions

I have a 7" and an 8" both running Android 2.3 I found the 7" screen a bit small for my old eyes while surfing on the normal desktop setting but the 8" handles it well

Battery life can be an issue if you are traveling long distances away from a charging source

Having tried out an iPad which belongs to my sons girlfriend I must admit it is a class above the android tablets, but I found it way to large to be truly portable

Cheers HC

  dms_05 10:05 10 Dec 2011

Archos tablets DO run Android. I think every Archos Tablet runs Android so the previous advice is 100% wrong.

I have the Archos 7 Home Tablet with a modified ROM (bought the tablet from CPW for £75 in the Summer). It has a resistive screen and needs a good contact to activate key strokes (I use a stylus). Lots and lots of independent support and easy to upgrade to Android Gingerbread (v2.3).

I also bought an Advent Vega and as delivered the version of Android is 2.1 and pretty old hat. However again lots and lots of third party support and I am now running Android v3.2 called Honeycomb through a third party ROM called Vegacomb. The tablet has a good sensitive capacitive screen (like the iPad) but the full sized Vega (10.2") costs under £200. It's not quite as sophisticated as the iPad but is half the price and you can add SD memory yourself. It also has a dual core nVidia Tegra processor so it's as quick as you need. Has WiFi/Bluetooth but not GPS.

  dms_05 10:09 10 Dec 2011

Have a look at maybe something theire will be suitable.

  rickf 19:58 10 Dec 2011

I have had an Aus Transfiormer 101 for the past 6 months and have not looked back. Latest Android on it and runs like a dream. Look for a 2nd hand one instead of a cheap tablet which you might regret buying. The main thing really is the software and you should aim for Android Honeycomb. It's stylish, efficient and as good as an Ipad in my opinion when taking the price into consideration. Just slightly heavier though.

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