cheapest XPPro - students / teachers in family..?

  phaeton 21:06 14 Jan 2004

where can I source XP Pro as the above because I have heard that teh above can get big discounts - is this true or a rumour?
thank you

  Forum Editor 21:20 14 Jan 2004

you can buy a special edition of WindowsXP at a discounted price. You don't get the normal retail edition, but there's no difference in the software.

You can buy the Student/teacher edition at most big software retailers.

  bfoc 22:52 14 Jan 2004

There can be some pretty cheap deals at places like click here

But they do need proof of HE status!

  ajm 00:17 15 Jan 2004

I believe you are referring to the MS Office Xp / 2003 student version rather than the Windows XP PRo version.

Yes the Office Xp/ 2003 can be picked up from high street retailers like PC World, Dixons from around £100.

However the academic version of Windows XP pro cannot be obtained from the high street.

A while ago on this forum, I gave a link to a member who could purchase the Academic version from a online retailer. The link does not work now.

However, XP Pro Academic upgrade can be obtained for approx £80.00 inc VAT & Del from a well know retailer.

  Sir Radfordin 00:50 15 Jan 2004

Pugh (click here) is one source of education licences for various software products at good prices. However you do need proof of being in HE.

  Forum Editor 01:17 15 Jan 2004

and yes, you're right, I was referring to Office XP or Office 2003.

  phaeton 19:17 15 Jan 2004

unfortunately it is XP itself, and preferably XPPro. I already have an upgrade, and Win98 to be upgraded, but as highlighted in other posts this is no longer enough to install because the latest hardware/software doesn't support Win98 at all - therefore you can't load and then upgrade.
That's life.

At 250 a pop I am tempted to by a new PC (with original disk) uninstall the OS and sell on - hell of a lot cheaper!

BTW it's all PC Advisor's fault....if you hadn't run those articles 'build you own PC' I wouldn't be in this situation!

  Rayuk 19:28 15 Jan 2004

Dont understand what you are trying to say re "load and then upgrade"
You instal WinXP straight off it will then ask for Win98 cdrom to confirm you have original copy.
Unless of course you can only upgrade from Win98SE.

Re buy new PC not many come with retail version of WinXP but either a Back up cdrom or oem version.

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