Cheapest retail MS Office

  [DELETED] 08:48 25 Apr 2006

Where is the cheapest place to buy a retail copy of MS Office ?

  [DELETED] 08:50 25 Apr 2006

Probably EBay, provided you are careful.

  [DELETED] 10:25 25 Apr 2006

Or if you want a 'kosher' copy and are in higher education click here

  [DELETED] 10:38 25 Apr 2006

If you have MS Works you can go down the upgrade route, MS office 2003 u/g is £149 at ebuyer (you can also buy MS works OEM for £2.50 if you want to use this route), or if it is for home use and either you r or your children attend education courses MS office pro educational is £179.

see ebuyer codes

QuickFind Code: 54548
QuickFind Code: 54561
QuickFind Code: 99196

The u/g from works to office was suggested to me by an assistant at PC World, I purchased a laptop with works preinstalled and an office XP u/g and it allowed the install fine. I assume this is still the case.

Hope this help

  [DELETED] 13:38 25 Apr 2006

Or OpenOffice is completely free click here

  [DELETED] 15:45 25 Apr 2006

I was most definitely referring to a "kosher" copy. Not all of those on EBay are fakes!

  [DELETED] 17:16 25 Apr 2006

As MichelleC says, a good clone of MS Office is Openoffice 2. Supposedly compatible with MS Office.

Given away free on March, April, May and June cover disks of PC Advisor magazine.

Pop yourself down to WH Smith or local newsagent and buy a copy.

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Tue, 25/04/[email protected]:25

Or if you want a 'kosher' copy and are in higher education click here


For MS professional it says
Full Pack £135
CD only £21

... for any students or teachers .... they are offering MS professional, discs only for £21 +vat ..... am I reading this correctly ????

  [DELETED] 09:38 26 Apr 2006

The education pack is available to anyone who has a child in school. Not just higher education. I bought via this route for my granson who's in Junior School. Personally I use the free OpenOffice product. It's very good and it only took a short while to convert from the MS Office product I used for years when working!

  [DELETED] 22:55 26 Apr 2006

A variety of Higher Education licence deals around but the cheapest I have found for Office 2003 Pro is around £60 from the site above.

But you would have to be a qualifying HE student at a qualifying HE institution.

I believe the CD only prices are for institutions themselves who have a 'bulk' licence.

Office 2003 Teacher & Student is widely available for around £85, but this is not the Pro version.

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