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  chamoclafastic 21:17 23 Feb 2006

Bought a pc around 2 months ago for myself, but have now unwittingly been looped into building one for a friend also. The spec i've chosen for him is as follows:

cpu = amd64 x2 4400+

gpu = ati radeon x1900xtx (any model - reliable preferably) as he is into serious gaming

mem = 2 x 512mb ddr 400 ram - dual channel for gaming performance

mobo = was looking into sapphire models on overclockers but could be interested in adding a second gpu in crossfire in the future around the £100 mark if possible

He already owns a suitable hard drive, tft and psu (decent 550w)

Have been searching for te best prices for these components for near on a week but does anyone have any reccommendations? Help would be gratefully received.


  rmcqua 08:32 24 Feb 2006

There is really no single cheapest source for PC bits. You might find one supplier really cheap on memory and CPUs, whilst another beats them on m/board and graphics card prices. Delivery charges can also sometimes swing the balance. I gave up trying to multiple source some time ago and now use either
click here
click here

  keef66 14:30 24 Feb 2006

that's my experience too. I think ebuyer generally has the edge, but not always. However it's easier, and cheaper in terms of delivery costs, to order everything from them.

having said that, Novatech and Low often have attractively priced 'upgrade bundles' of mobo, cpu, ram and sometimes graphics card. Not sure they go as far up-market as you want to though.

  ade.h 17:32 24 Feb 2006

I tend to use Dabs for big purchases. Generally cheap enough, fairly sensible delivery charges and a good range to pick from.

To be honest, whether it's Dabs or Ebuyer, I tend to hold my breath until it arrives safe and sound (metaphorically speaking of course!!)

  Mr Beeline 18:34 24 Feb 2006


Just a couple of comments for thought.

- For "serious" PC gaming, I would consider 2GB of memory these days. If you can afford it, buy "decent" memory and not budget stuff (IE. with better timings etc.)
- Also worth consider an x1900xt, rather than the xt-x. There is a fair price difference between the two cards, but not "that" great a performance difference. The standard XT also has a bit of headroom for overclocking, so you could well end up with XT-X performance for a £100 less anyway.
- As to make of graphics card, I like Sapphire cards. Their RMA policy (if problems) is pretty quick (well it has been for me). Though pretty much of a muchness, pick one for price / bundle otherwise.
- If you want crossfire at some point, make sure you pick one that definitely says ***Crossfire Edition***. Though I'm not a great fan of either crossfire, or SLI.
- As to mobo. As long as it's a decent nForce4 (Socket 939) board, you should be fine. Nice and mature technology these days. Though again if interested in crossfire, your choice may be a bit limited. Perhaps someone else can suggest something? Have a rummage round tomshardware, or Annandtech web site for decent reviews.
- You say your mate already has a hard drive. If you want the best, make sure it's obviously SATA and supports things like NCQ. If only on the principle of, if you want a top flight PC, don't compromise on components.
-You also say your mate has a "decent" PSU. Worth noting that not all 550w's are made equal (as they say). Make sure it's a decent branded make (EG. Tagan, Hiper, Antec etc.). And remember, there is more to a decent PSU than the watts it puts out. I'd want a dual rail PSU with at least a total of something like 35a on the +12v rails (especially if thinking of Crossfire at some point)). I like Tagan (yes I know some people on this forum don't) but I like little things like being able to switch between either dual rails, or a single one.
- One last thing and something that a lot of people don't give too much thought to. Spend some time and pick a decent case with plenty of room and GOOD ventilation. Some good makes are: Coolermaster, Enermax and Antec.

Good luck and let us know how you get on. I'm sure you will have fun.

  rmcqua 19:23 24 Feb 2006

I would like to have used Dabs but for some obscure reason they won't deliver to the IOW! Maybe they think we are on another planet!

  Starfox 22:10 24 Feb 2006

"for some obscure reason they won't deliver to the IOW"

When I lived on the island some years ago I ordered some pc components from a very well known supplier and got the response "Sorry we cannot deliver to counties outside of the U.K"

Despite my trying to explain that the I.O.W was part of the U.K and was in fact part of the county of Hampshire they just absolutely refused even though I offered to pay any extra postage charges,so I had to make a trip to the mainland to buy the parts I needed.

  Starfox 22:12 24 Feb 2006

Doh! counties = countries

  Stuartli 00:16 25 Feb 2006

>>Despite my trying to explain that the I.O.W was part of the U.K>>

Now you know why the education system in this country is seriously lacking...:-)

  rmcqua 15:53 25 Feb 2006

Well, if they think the IOW is outside the UK, therefore they need a passport to get here, perhaps we will stay a little less crowded next summer? No, I'm joking, we need and love our tourists. Never mind the rip-off ferry prices across the solent - did you know it's the most costly water journey in the world, per mile?
Anyway, I'm very sorry chamoclafastic, as I have strayed way off your thread. Apologies.

  Mr Mistoffelees 16:40 25 Feb 2006


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