Cheaper Ink Jet Cartridges

  Curio 14:05 19 Feb 2004

click here
Worth a look if you don't like getting inky fingers

  Stuartli 15:27 19 Feb 2004

Modest shipping charge of £2.99...:-)

That means a £2.05 plus VAT double capacity black cartridge for my Canon BJC600e would work out at more than double its price...:-(

I pay £1.85 plus VAT each for the Jettec black, cyan, magenta and yellow cartridges for my Canon (nearly eight years old and still working perfectly) and/or £2.05 plus VAT for the double capacity black cartridge from CPC in Preston (click here); it's a member of the giant Farnell Group and sells thousands of products to the trade and public.

Even better was the time when CPC sold the JR equivalents - these were priced at £1.75 plus VAT each and £2 plus VAT for double capacity black cartridges.

But the real bonus was that each pack contained TWO cartridges, effectively making each cartridge half the price expected.

The ironic thing was that JR's own website offering direct sales priced them at three times these prices, plus p and p.

I bought enough at the time to last me for a year or so but now I'm back to buying them again...:-(

  Stuartli 15:29 19 Feb 2004

If you fill your own cartridges, using a pair of surgical gloves or the free ones provided by the diesel pumps at garages save you getting messed up.

But I found it proved very fiddly as you couldn't "feel" properly just how much to press the syringe's pump to fill cartridges.

  Curio 17:02 19 Feb 2004

The main reason I posted this was because of the price of Lexmark cartridges in particular. They seem good value compared to other sites and the postage is similar to most. Indeed some do post free of charge but the price of the cartridges reflect that.
Also aimed at cartridge users rather than refillers.

  Stuartli 17:22 19 Feb 2004

To be honest the Lexmark prices are similar to many other sites - a shade more in some cases.

Could be worth visiting one of the Cartridge Club outlets where your cartridges are filled on the spot; however, my local branch would charge £3 to fill one of my Canon cartridge and I can buy replacement compatibles for much less, as outlined above.

  wee eddie 17:26 19 Feb 2004

What should one really expect if you only pay £39.00 including VAT for a colour printer.

Of course there are those that say that they would buy a more expensive printer if the ink were cheaper, but this does not stand up to market experience.

How often do we see threads here which say:

"Which is the cheapest?"

Then a month later, another thread from the same author:

"Why is my ink so expensive?"

I have always wondered why folk don't seem to be able to be able to put 2 + 2 together!

I must have an early night, I'm beginning to sound like my father.....

  mole44 22:20 19 Feb 2004

time for bed son

  Stuartli 09:17 20 Feb 2004

Why do you think £39 is cheap for a Lexmark printer?

I've seen them at £19.99 and £24.99 (Z13 etc)..:-)

In fact buying two new Lexmark ink cartridges for such a printer is just under £30. Cheaper to buy a new printer...

  Stuartli 17:34 20 Feb 2004

Can go one better now!

Just had an e-mail from BigPockets re latest offers.

Lexmark Z33 is £9.99 including VAT...:-))

  Stuartli 17:39 20 Feb 2004

An NEC 4x 1100ND DVD+R rewriter is £34.99 including VAT.....

  wee eddie 18:08 20 Feb 2004

You must come from north of Watford Gap.

The real question is:- If the hardware is so cheap, has one a legitimate grouse if the consumables are not?

Gillette have really got it down to a tee.

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