Cheap Printer Wanted For The Pc

  fitzy- 2nd 08:22 02 Jun 2005


I'm Looking For A Standard Printer to print Letters, nothing fancy.

Thanks to all that reply.

  961 09:54 02 Jun 2005

Buy one with the print head in the ink cartridge so that each time you buy new ink you get a new print head. The printer will last for ever, the print heads do not. If the print head is part of the printer instead, when it goes wrong you need a new printer

As printer models change every 6 months or so you can often find the 6 month old model at half price at places like PCWorld or by mail order

Buy a Hewlett Packard for about £50/£60. You'll get good results. Don't buy very cheap printers from other manufacturers (often offered "free" with some cheap systems. They don't give good results

  TomJerry 10:03 02 Jun 2005

look out their web site and newpaper ads

  selfbuild 10:29 02 Jun 2005

A laser printer may suit your needs better.... the toner carts last longer and the text is sharper.... it depends on what you want to spend...

I myself have both laser and inkjet.... I use the laser for letters and basic stuff (internet receipts etc) and the inkjet for photo or colour stuff.....

  jakimo 11:51 04 Jun 2005

Cheap inkjet printers can be very expensive to run. the Samsung monochrome laser printer is cheap to run,and can be picked up for under £60

  Totally-braindead 12:27 04 Jun 2005

Would have to go with the others who are mentioning a laser, if all you want to print are letters and therefore it only has to print black then the laser is your best option. Have a look here click here

  sidecar sid 12:40 04 Jun 2005

Cheap printer,good reviews.

click here

Compatible cartriges (BCI24)

click here

  wednesday 13 12:59 04 Jun 2005

It is a great little printer and really cheap

  Slithe 21:03 04 Jun 2005

In cetain W H Smiths at the moment (I think - don't quote me) they are offering a HP PSC 1215 all in one printer, fax machine and scanner for £69.99.

In addition to this - the box includes a usb cable, photo-paper and ink cartridges. These ones are the ones that give you a new printhead each time, trust me - new printheads for a decent machine are more than a new printer!

Also, if the HP is not still on offer in W H Smith, it may be worth looking at a printer and finding out how much replacement cartridges are and how long they last. Most cartridges now come in two varieties - standard and heavy user. Depending upon how often you need to print, standard is OK for most people.

  fitzy- 2nd 07:55 05 Jun 2005


Thankyou for all for your help...your advice was very much appreciated, thanks again to everyone.

I have bought the following, looks a great deal, and cheap ink to

click here

  wednesday 13 11:24 05 Jun 2005

click here

Register and ink cartridges are from 79p

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