Cheap printer wanted - any Suggestions?

  shanks1 12:55 14 Jan 2004

Just bought a cheap PC, only really for net access and word proccessing.

any ideas for a really cheap printer, just for college assignments, no photos etc.

Thanks in advance.

  961 14:35 14 Jan 2004

Cheapest HP you can find

Models generally change every 6 months or so and half price jobs can be found often for under £40/£50

All deskjets work well and produce good results. Higher priced models bring faster output and good photos, but if a page prints in 1 minute as opposed to 30 seconds is that a problem for you?

  shanks1 14:48 14 Jan 2004

basically just looking for a real cheapy, performance not really an issue.


  Al94 14:49 14 Jan 2004
  Al94 14:52 14 Jan 2004

Sorry, link not to right page. P C World selling an H P DJ3550 printer at £19.99 instead of £49.99. Search for H P inkjet printer on the site.

  shanks1 14:55 14 Jan 2004

cheers for that

  961 16:40 14 Jan 2004

If you can get 3550 at that price, go for it.

The ink cartridges cost more than that

  whatsupdoc 16:46 14 Jan 2004

basic epson c42 with inks for 20 at my local staples last week.

  Al94 09:01 15 Jan 2004
  Effie 13:00 15 Jan 2004

Avoid Epson printers! They have a nastly habit of the heads clogging up and you end up wasting tons of ink trying to unclog them.( They also use an awful lot more ink than other brands as on startup as they automatically prime the heads and use loads of ink!!) HP are a far safer bet.

  Stuartli 14:17 15 Jan 2004

Strangely enough today I've been looking at cartridge prices for a Lexmark Z601 which came with a Mesh system acquired by an elderly friend.

Both the black and colour cartridges cost at least £13.50 to £15 each depending on supplier.

During the search I came across a website offering the Z601 for £29.99 including VAT.....

It's similar to the one Lexmark sold for £34.99 about three years ago, which I think was branded as a Z13; in this case new cartridges were just under £30.

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