Cheap printer for about £25

  VNAM75 22:02 27 Oct 2008

I need to get a printer for someone to use for normal school work. Photo quality is not important, but needs to be £25, have cheap cartridges and reliable. Suggestions/recommendations appreciated.

  Condom 22:20 27 Oct 2008

School work can cover a wide area. What is more important is the likely number of pages being printed and whether only black and white is needed or occasional use of colour.

Once you have some idea about that then you may receive more meaningful help. Many modern printers are very cheap but they then get you with the ink costs. You can also get cheap s/h on eBay or even in your local free newspapers (where you also might get the oportunity to see it working before handing over your cash).

Some manufacturers (eg.,Epson) also sell refurbished models at very good prices on their site and this should not be ignored as you still get a full guarantee.

Personally I would sticjk with the big boys, Epson, Canon and HP but that is personal choice.
I have an Epson myself but I use a Continuous Ink Supply System so I need never buy another cartridge. A bit more expensive to begin with but saves a fortune over the years.

  VNAM75 22:26 27 Oct 2008

It would be used for normal coursework, eg. printing essays, diagrams etc. So it won't be for intensive use. I think all printers come with colour ink these days. I want to purchase new from ebuyer, amazon etc.

  Condom 22:35 27 Oct 2008

Then look in those sites and see if you can find one at £25. Anything with a well known name will do but I suspect you may need another £10 or so on your buget. Good luck.

  BT 08:20 28 Oct 2008

Places like Tesco quite often have offers on printers. They were selling Epson D92 for £29.99 a while ago. They don't have this model at the moment but they are selling the S20 at a similar price. Epsons are probably the cheapest to run with Compatibles or CISS inks. I would steer clear of Lexmark in particular as ink costs can be very high.

  Stuartli 09:09 28 Oct 2008

Our Tesco Extra currently has two or three printers on offer at around the £30 to £40 mark, including an Epson.

Can't remember the actual models as no real interest, but a visit to the Tesco website should reveal them.

  iscanut 09:13 28 Oct 2008

Have a look at this one. An excellent printer for little cost
click here

  VNAM75 10:25 28 Oct 2008

Thanks, I was considering the ip2600. Tesco aren't as cheap as ebuyer, amazon though..

  Stuartli 11:08 28 Oct 2008

But don't forget delivery charges..:-)

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