Cheap netbook/tablet, is this adequate for what i need? advice!

  gazmix 10:52 08 Oct 2013


All i want is a small cheap unit i can browse the web, ebay, amazon, facebook, youtube, maybe upload photo's via usb & wifi.

Would this be able to do all of the above?:-

click here 4.1 jellybean operating system, dual core cortex processor, 8GB flash memory, 512mb RAM.

Advice appreciated.


  spuds 12:48 08 Oct 2013

You might find something in the PCA archives. Matt Egan did a review with the Go Clever Tab R974 and Jim Martin did a review on the Go Clever Tab A73, there might be more?.

A Google search will also provide some answers, depending on the exact model you intend to buy, there a good range of information on Go Clever.

From my own personal experiences of the lower end of the tablet market, is battery power, and this is perhaps one major decision you might need to consider?.

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