Cheap laptops??

  Chris the Ancient 20:02 14 Nov 2003

I rememember following a link to here...

click here

from a thread in PCA a while back. And I stuffed it in my favorites (it would be nice if we could have English spellings of such words when we configure our user language as English UK on installation ;o) ) Browsing around my fovorites, I discovered it again.

I am thinking of getting a cheap laptop, that will get chucked around the car, for my customer database and records - basically a simple database and a couple of sreadsheets. So I won't be needing millions of gizzits, whistles and bells. The IBM Thinkpad 600E looked adequate (if not overly fast).

Has anyone had any experience of using this Sterlingxs company? Any good news? Equally, any bad news? Particularly with this model?



  Forum Editor 08:27 15 Nov 2003

myself, so I can't comment on that aspect of your question, but I do know about IBM ThinkPads; until fairly recently I had a succession of them in my office. These machines are legendary for their build quality, and given that your choice will get "chucked around the car" (frightening thought) I think it would be ideal. Most people who use a Thinkpad end up having a deep affection for them.

  Stuartli 08:59 15 Nov 2003

BigPockets has just sent an e-mail out on its latest offers which include a Celeron 700MHz IBM Thinkpad for £399 including VAT:

More info at:

click here

A good price me thinks..:-)

  Stuartli 09:04 15 Nov 2003

They are used models - not surprisingly - but includes a CD-RW rewriter.

Another great source is:

click here

which sells a wide range of new and used laptops and also stocks spare parts, undertakes repairs etc.

My daughter bought a year old Toshiba Satellite at half its original price from them with the balance of the three year warranty still intact.

When the screen packed up after about a year on, Toshiba met the £600 cost of repairs and replacement without a quibble.

  Chris the Ancient 10:46 15 Nov 2003

To all who responded so far.

Thanks for the guidance on the Thinkpad. It was a little of an unknown quantity for me, but it's seldom I've heard ill of IBM (except for some of their prices ;o) ). Keeps this one well up on my list.

Thanks for those links. Well worth perusing. A lot of the things that were 'extras' at Sterlingxs are included - so that makes prices extremely comparable. It looks like you had very good service from laptopbits. Also another very good plus to have a satisfied customer willing to sing their praises.

I shall leave the thread unchecked for a little while to see if anyone comes up with extra words of guidance and wisdom - especially about Sterlingxs. Then I'll have to make a decision (also called dicussing (discussing? Hmmm...) with Der Boss! But I think (hope?) that she'll say yes.

  Chris the Ancient 10:48 15 Nov 2003

Never having had one...

What's the difference between a US and a UK keyboard on a laptop?


  Wilham 12:51 15 Nov 2003

Twice on the first of the web pages given by Stuarti the weight of the IBM Thinkpad is given as 10000g. Is it really as heavy as this, ...or as light if there's a zero too many?

  Chris the Ancient 12:53 15 Nov 2003

Perhaps I won't throw THAT around in the car!

  Stuartli 14:48 15 Nov 2003

Most people buy, for instance, cheese in 500g sizes - so it's not that heavy..:-)

  Stuartli 14:51 15 Nov 2003

...and the FE did remark on the fact Thinkpads are noted for build quality...

Bit like my VW Bora - an Escort class car that's almost as heavy as a Ford Mondeo.

Now that really is build quality for you...:-)

  Stuartli 14:53 15 Nov 2003

BigPockets offers don't last very long - for obvious reasons.

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