Cheap Laptop Help

  scott26985 02:01 26 Dec 2008

Now thats its Janurary sales time, Im looking for a cheap laptop for £200 at most.

I will be used for basic internet browsing, MSN, Secondlife, and watching videos online.

I already have a powerful desktop, Im looking for something I can sit with on my bed late at night, so doesn't have to be all that great but good enough it handle the above. can someone point me to a laptop that maybe right for me?

Thanks :)

  scott26985 02:03 26 Dec 2008

ps) The brand doesn't matter. My desktop was custom built so brand name doesn't really bother me, just as long as it has good reviews.

  scott26985 02:12 26 Dec 2008

so far I have found this one: click here

What do you think?

  sean-278262 00:04 27 Dec 2008

How about considering a netbook, I myself am eyeing up a Samsung NC10 or an Acer Aspire One

Personally I feel that the Samsung appears to be better built plus has a 6 cell battery meaning about 6-7hours battery. Compared to the annoying UK standard of 3 cell with the acer giving a 2-3 hour lifespan. Apparently as well the Samsung also has a better looking screen for visuals overall. However, the acer is one hell of a looker.

click here

Only downer on the Samsung is the price is a little more than your budget but it is down in the sales at the moment a good deal below the 300 tag on the above link.

  curofone 01:09 27 Dec 2008

Your budget only really allows for a netbook to be honest and one that linux installed rather than xp but that seems to be ok by you as you have already suggested the acer one which is a pretty good netbook although a bugger to upgrade the RAM on.

Now the problem with the netbook might come with secondlife, the acers screen res is actually lower than the min spec for secondlife, not by much and i do not know how important that is for it to run but never the less it is still something to think about.

Personally on your budget i would go for this click here the review are very good and the screen res is fantastic but the problem again comes with secondlife. This hp has a 1.2ghz via processor which is better than the min specs but lower than the recommend specs

I have no idea but i am also thinking that these machine would have major problems graphically with secondlife but at the of the day netbooks were never designed for secondlife they were designed for the simpler aspects of computing ie web browsing and office applications.

On your budget i think that you will struggle to get a machine that can cope with secondlife although both machine would easily cope with the other things you want.

  curofone 14:04 29 Dec 2008

Hey scott,

Just came accross this machine on another forum click here if you find anything better cheaper i will be amazed, will be perfect for your needs

  scott26985 14:49 01 Jan 2009

thanks for the help. I brought the Acer however its wireless card wasn't very good so Ive seny it back. I'll look at the HP

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