Cheap HP printer ???

  QinesiQ 16:30 08 Aug 2006

I tried to fix my mums old HP armed with soldering thingie (ahh how you all would have laughed). Well, needless to say I did a very rubbish job and there is still no DC jack affixed to said printer! So I thought “bugger this” (and prints like a dog’s hind leg anyway) and promptly logged on to pick up something quick and cheep and I found this wee gem:

click here free standard p&p too

I froogled it and found nothing under £42ish (plus your usual imaginative p&p) so genuine offer. I picked mine (well mums) up in store yesterday and still feeling very chuffed :-) and what’s more it doesn’t print like a dog’s hind leg! Pretty quiet too!

Now I wonder if she will notice.


  QinesiQ 16:33 08 Aug 2006

Can't solder, can't spell!

Chirp! Chirp!

  dontmeshwithme 16:57 08 Aug 2006

A geniune bargain I do beleive, I do hope you didn't pay for the USB lead, when you can get one for 93p from click here .

  QinesiQ 17:13 08 Aug 2006

Ah, you also good bargain hunter be!

I actually went to click here today (also needed an adsl splitter). Arrive tomorrow it will :-)

Both for under £5 inc p&p!

btw Comet's was a not-so-bargain-tastic £7ish!

  pj123 18:01 08 Aug 2006

A good price for the printer but did you check out the replacement ink prices. Cost you more to replace the ink than you paid for the printer.

  QinesiQ 19:02 08 Aug 2006

Always do. Not as green as Yoda!

I have a wholesale card - I get them cheap cheep cheep!

  QinesiQ 19:08 08 Aug 2006

Ah yes, and mum prints about 5 pages per year (and thats going some) – so I’m not expecting to replace the 5ml cartridges for a looong time!

  GaT7 19:28 08 Aug 2006

Good for you QinesiQ!

I received a HP inkjet printer (Deskjet 640C) for my birthday 5-6 years ago that cost around £70. It still prints very well & I get very cheap expired original cartridges off eBay for £2-4 (HP originals are a lot more) that also work flawlessly. G

  QinesiQ 19:48 08 Aug 2006

So what’s your tip for refilling HP ink cartridges?

I have tried this with both HP printers used ink cartridges and I just could not get them to print. I tried leaving the cartridges on some damp tissue and ink came out. I placed the cartridge in the unit – nothing, zip, zilch.

Perhaps I can add another thing to my list of things I’m not good at…

1. Soldering
2. Refilling ink cartridges
3. Yoda impressions

  GaT7 20:22 08 Aug 2006

"So what’s your tip for refilling HP ink cartridges?" - I haven't any as I've yet to try it. G

  QinesiQ 20:45 08 Aug 2006

Oh I see you use new expired HP carts - I thought you meant that you refilled them - doh!

4. Can’t read!

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