Cheap genuine HP Printer Cartridges

  freaky 09:19 22 Jun 2006

The HP are selling new cartridges via their online HP Store at about 35% discount.

click here

  spuds 09:40 22 Jun 2006

The HP store seems to have a limited range. Just tried a couple of popular cartridges for an HP OfficeJet, and it told me they do not exist?.

  Arnie 12:57 23 Jun 2006

This may be of interest.

click here

  freaky 21:24 26 Jun 2006

Thanks for the link Arnie - theoretically it sounds OK, in practice ?

  Arnie 23:25 26 Jun 2006

Choice Stationery are a well respected company.
They have successfully co-developed a replacement cartridge system suitable for Epson printers without breeching Epson's copyright.

I am sure their Peach supplier of the detachable cartridge/print head system will be just as successful. It's just a matter of giving them time to cover the numerous models that exist.

Since the Peach system appears to be a new concept, I can't see any copyright issues.
I think they will be a welcome addition to Choice's excellent range.

  spuds 09:22 27 Jun 2006

Arnie-- The Peach head looks very nice, but will Choice use this on other suitable cartridges.

I use to support Choice, but the particular cartridges that I wanted, Choice stopped supplying them. So I moved to self refills, 7dayshop, one or two other suppliers including click here

  Arnie 14:57 27 Jun 2006

Choice say their Peach range supports HP, Lexmark and Dell.

Yes I do I know that they have stopped supplying certain printer cartridges. However, I have no trouble obtaining my Epson C66 printer compatible carts and they contain more ink than the originals.

At the moment regular users of choice are being offered a 10% discount. I've just received my discount code.

  Sic 17:28 27 Jun 2006

Choice stationary get two thumbs up from me, good products, excellent prices and very good customer service.

Would not hesitate to recommend.

  freaky 18:02 11 Jul 2006

It took from the date of my 1st post on this subject, till today before the Cartridges actually arrived - not very impressed !

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