cheap fast dialup!

  Teaboy 17:09 22 Jan 2004

Wasail to all,
Has anyone knowledge and,or experience of click here who claim that for £2 a month will increase dialup speads by five times? This is somewhat better than some BB.

  sidecar sid 19:01 22 Jan 2004
  Stuartli 08:56 23 Jan 2004

I also posted a thread on this subject, but it's dubious that compressed data could be further compressed by 5x.

The figures are likely to only refer to text and that isn't going to help with graphics or file downloads.

  Stuartli 09:08 23 Jan 2004

You might like to try this (free) means of speeding up your browsing:

click here

which is presumably just what Onspeed does...:-)

  Teaboy 09:36 23 Jan 2004

thanks to all. I shall drop it.

  Pappyon 15:44 23 Jan 2004

I have just installed this Registry tweak, and the difference is unbelievable, and I am on DSL!

  Stuartli 17:50 23 Jan 2004

Glad about that! Unfortunately my registry doesn't contain these entries so I couldn't try it out - just remembered the tip whilst doing something else.

Apparently IE doesn't use more than two data streams whereas there are more available, hence the tweak.

  Stuartli 18:07 23 Jan 2004

Just been back and re-read the tweak - had missed the bit about adding the lines....:-)

Did it a few minutes ago, but can't really tell if any speed increase due to being on Pipex now rather than Tiscali (DayTime Plus finishes at 6pm) and get 51-52kbps as against 49.2 with Tiscali.

  Gaz 25 18:15 23 Jan 2004

It works, CREATE the values.

My system did not have them.

Instrustions are on the site too, you must have missed them.

;-) Good luck.

  Stuartli 09:11 24 Jan 2004

Yes, I missed the instructions because I merely checked whether the registry lines were there.....:-(

I added them last night and it does seem to be a bit quicker, but only time will tell.

Case of not seeing the wood for the trees - bit like earlier this week when I installed PixelReducer for a pal to help him reduce his e-mail photo files.

Two days later it suddenly struck me that I had also installed Irfanview for him some time ago....:-)

  anchor 12:37 24 Jan 2004

Like Gaz 25 and Stuartli, my system did not have these entries, so I added them according to instructions.

Whilst there was not a dramatic increase in speed, there certainly was an increase. Worth doing.

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