Changing a light bullb?

  powerless 23:22 09 Oct 2003

click here What is the big deal?

A fuss over a three figure number to which should be classed as BB?

56K and below - Anolouge Modem

64K and 128K - ISDN

The 150K to me is just a little 22K faster than the above, harldy a big speed increase.

256K - Should be classed as (you choose the name)

512K - True Broadband Starting speed.

I thought (what?) 3/4 years ago when BB was available 512K was in all the starter packages?

BB starts at 512K nuff said?

  VoG II 23:37 09 Oct 2003

Yep I agree and spelling mistakes forgiven.

  powerless 23:44 09 Oct 2003

Sorry i was in a rush, you know 512k BB ;-)

  Forum Editor 23:49 09 Oct 2003

and I also forgive the spelling errors. Try to do better next time.

  powerless 23:50 09 Oct 2003

Yes Sir.

  Craig.m 00:01 10 Oct 2003

My spelling goes off as well, l think this is very useful to have sat on your IE toolbar - click here


  powerless 00:05 10 Oct 2003

Search the forums for spelling and puncuation ...

My edumagation was the best.

  Forum Editor 00:22 10 Oct 2003

IE Spell is well known to (most) regular forum users, but it never does any harm to have an occasional reminder.

  Peverelli 01:43 10 Oct 2003

Hey, a baud rayte of 150k sownds good tooo me.

  Jester2K II 07:46 10 Oct 2003


256 k - Mini BB ?? Perhaps??

I've always said BB starts at 512 k.

Anyone know a convincing argument for 2 Mb?? I used my last upgrade reasons to go from 512 k to 1 Mb? And i can't use gaming either - my ping averages about 20 on the servers i play!!!!! Any faster and I'll be ahead of everyone...

  Stuartli 09:36 10 Oct 2003

Presumably bored rate is the time involved it takes 256k to download rather than 512k or 1MB?

I'm sure that those with 2MB will be bursting with even more frustration that their BB speed is so, so slow...:-)

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