Changing ISP for Braodband

  shaduf 21:15 07 Sep 2004

My present ISP is Tiscali and I have a dial up connection.

Broadband is available, in my area, within the next few weeks and I am looking forward to getting it.

Although I have had no problems with Tiscali, I know that many others have. Should I trust Tiscali with my broadband connection or is this the right time to consider a change of ISP

If so what is involved and who would you recommend.

I assume I would just give Tiscali 30 days notice and after that remove them from my PC and install someone else but I can’t believe it is as simple as that.

Has anyone any comments before I take the plunge?


  Dipso 21:56 07 Sep 2004

You really need to shop around and you need to personally decide what type of package will suit you best. What's best for me might not be best for you.

You are probably aware that a lot of ISP's are providing "capped" services now, these can prove cheaper if you are a relatively light user.

Don't just stick with Tiscali as 'cos you think it would be easier. Check out click here and use the comparison tool click here to see how they all compare.

I don't know whether you are Pay Per Minute or Unmetered usage at the moment but bear in mind that you can still keep your Tiscali email address even if you change ISP's (I have) and simply configure your Mail account to send mail via your new ISP's mail server.

My only advice would be not to choose an ISP with a 12 month contract 'cos that's a long time to wait if you make the wrong decision and prices are changing frequently at the moment.

Some ISP's to look at - Tesco (new and with 12 month contract), Pipex (offer capped and uncapped connections), my ISP Metronet, the first PayAsYouGo ISP.

  Djohn 22:12 07 Sep 2004

I use Zen myself and find them absolutely perfect, not cheap but one of the better ones also no contract, no contention or limits of any sort. Just fast speed and good service.

I think they are still in business as they take my money each month but other than that I've never needed to contact them.

Good luck with your choice. j.

  spuds 22:49 07 Sep 2004

I changed over to Tiscali broadband from Lineone/Tiscali 56k. Had problems with conversion due to incorrect Tiscali helpdesk information. According to them, I had never been a Lineone/Tiscali member.Strange considering that they had been billing me for ages, but that's another story.

Eventually everything went very smoothly with the changeover, and I am still very happy with the service.Two things to watch out for: They may state, that you will need to open a paye account so as to retain your present Tiscali email username account.. You do not. It will connect via your new B/B connection.You will also have a new email username account for B/B. They may supply the Thomson SpeedTouch modem, watch out if your mobo as a SIS ALI chipset, as a disconnection problem may arise.There are ways to solve this problem.

If you do change to a new ISP,watch your old contract with Tiscali. 30 days cancellation is correct providing that you have reached the 12 month contract point. You can get out of the contract early, and this is in the contract terms and conditions, but needs further involvement to find the relevant passages.

Whatever you decide,go for B/B, it is well worth making the change.

Finally.To see if your local BT connecting exchange is up to it, run a service check via click here [This is not a line check, for ISP connection]

  spuds 23:02 07 Sep 2004

Correction. The link seems to be incorrect,try this click here

  shaduf 21:32 08 Sep 2004

Wow - what an impressive response. So much sensible advice there I am now working through it.

Don't just stick with Tiscali as 'cos you think it would be easier. You're so right I would have done out of apathy but having done some research tonight, well speaks for itself.

Using the ADSL Guide for the last six months Tiscali is bottom in all counts and Zen is tops on all counts. Says it all really. Got loads of stuff to read from that ADSL guide.

Thanks for the interesting comments re Tiscali.

Thanks again to all

  shaduf 10:20 09 Sep 2004

I've just realised my last post was misleading.
I should have said-

Of the 6 ISPs I fed in to the ADSL Guide comparator Tiscali is at the bottom and Zen are at the top.

I incorrectly implied that the results were over all ISPs. The six I chose to compare were - BT, Demon, Pipex, Tiscali, Virgin & Zen.



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