Changing Address with AOL

  ened 07:12 18 Sep 2008

Yesterday I spent a fruitless day trying to find out how long the downtime would be if I changed my address.

It is important to me because I will be selling my business and want to be able to access my bank accounts on a daily basis.

First of all I telephoned and an Indian chap told me both numbers would change on the same day. In other words he said I could wake up in the morning use my AOL connection, then travel 250 miles to my new house and AOL would be live there.

I found this a bit hard to believe so I spent the rest of the day attempting to seek confirmation, which I didn't get.

Has anyone undergone this process with AOL and can you tell me what happened?

  Snec 11:15 18 Sep 2008

Spent the rest of the day....? Blimey, worry no more.

I have moved 3 times with AOL ( Lincs, North Yorkshire, Derbyshire) and each time the transfer was as seamless as you were informed.

  ened 11:34 18 Sep 2008

I had a contact in their Irish department but he just kept refusing to answer my questions. It was as though he was not prepared to commit himself in writing.

I have so many questions which I need answering - could you answer them for me?

For instance will I be informed the date that the talk package will be transferred back to BT?

  RobCharles1981 11:53 18 Sep 2008

AOL are Rubbish in my opinion your better off moving to a much more decent ISP. April of this year I give them a Pink Slip for a Mac and joined Falconnet its been rock solid.

Ened what current ISP's are available at your exhange??

click here

  ened 13:12 18 Sep 2008

Well the house we are moving into already has BB with Orange.

To ensure continuity I had considered ceasing AOl on the day of completion and taking over the Orange account.

Again this is a question only AOL can answer because I am only eight months into a 24 month contract, and I want to know if this can be suspended for (say) two months. Assuming it will take that long to settle in and get a mac from Orange.

RobTheOrganGuru: I am totally happy with AOL and I think customer service (or lack of) issues will arise whichever the isp.

I do feel that these Indian call centres are a complete waste of every one's time and money because I think they give misleading information due to a lack of understanding the nuances of the English Language. I also get the impression they tend to give you the answer they think you want to hear.

  Snec 12:49 20 Sep 2008

I was not on AOL Talk until last year so I really don't know how transferring that will work out but I suspect it cannot be as quick as the BB connection itself due to that aspect being totally in the hands of BT. I'm guessing they don't rush about too much to lose a customer.

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