Change ISP recomendations please?

  RobCharles1981 23:50 08 Aug 2007

Whats everyones recommendations for a new ISP? I'm getting fed up with AOL flobbing off excuses with certain issues ect.

I'm Looking at Sky as we have Sky TV or do you know of any other ISPs for £9.99 for a good solid service?


  ^wave^ 08:26 09 Aug 2007

father in law just got sky he seems happy so far. i use homecall and that ok too.

  RobCharles1981 10:29 09 Aug 2007

How much does Sky Broadband Cost? We have Sky TV if that helps?

  Chris the Ancient 10:47 09 Aug 2007

Pop across to sky . com and look at "products and services". There is a link to "see, speak, surf" which, unfortunately timing out on me at the moment.

They talk about...

See Speak Surf
Get Sky TV, Sky Talk and Sky Broadband for £26 a month (subject to availability). Plus a £5 online credit for new customers.

  Chris the Ancient 10:48 09 Aug 2007


click here

  RobCharles1981 11:22 09 Aug 2007

Maybe Ile chase this up with Sky looks a good deal.

  Totally-braindead 11:57 09 Aug 2007

Like all companies I have seen quite a few complaints on the Forum about Sky BB.
Mate is with Orange and you see complaints about them too, hes very happy with his connection and he gets his internet for free.
He and his wife both have contract phones with Orange and when the time came to replace the phone he didn't want to change and asked if they could do anything else for him. They offered him free BB.
As he was already with Orange (been with them since they were Freeserve years ago) his internet connection stayed exactly the same with one change. He got what they call an Orange box sent to him, after about 6 months he decided to set it up, disconnected his old router and installed this and his speed went from 2 megs to between 4 and 5. And all for free.
Nobody ever offers me anything for free.
Hes happy but as I said his connection has never given any bother, if it had then of course it would be a different story.

  robbiepaul79 12:27 09 Aug 2007

A happy story from Orange user is a rare thing hehe.

click here

Sure ive heard good stories from these guys if you can get it.

Broadband is a funny thing horror stories from some good stories from others, my service from Eclipse for example was great up untill afew months back now it seems to be on the slide, all very well now ive seen my contract through i could change but going through the change of email fiasco is something i cant be bothered with.

Im sour of course with BB at the moment i hate i repeate HATE living where i do in terms of broadband 512KB sucks!

  RobCharles1981 13:17 09 Aug 2007

I'm looking at sky now and I thought I could get the £5 a month deal when I entered my number £17 per month is that right?

Any thoughts on Virgin Media how good are they? They special offer for the 2mb for £10 a month for the first year seems good.

What do you think?

  RobCharles1981 13:21 09 Aug 2007

Now just checked out Virgin and the prices differ when I enter my post code because I'm not in a cabled area?

  bjh 17:05 09 Aug 2007

Virgin media were good - I recommended them a number of times on this forum over the past 3 years. I have 3 accounts with them at differing locations, and they have handled most things well.....

BUT in the last 6 months there has been a distinct dip in performance from both the point of line speed/quality, and from Customer Service. My last move of house was almost a fiasco.

Virgin took over NTL, which seemed to stretch their resources rather. Now, they themselves are the target of a takeover bid, and I suspect that won't improve things very much.

I am still with them at the moment, but I suspect I will move soon. I suspect you might do better elsewhere.

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