centrino or P4 notebook?

  tyto 16:42 18 Jan 2005

i'm comparing a toshiba satellite m30-107 intel centrino pentium M 745 1.8Ghz processor notebook with a mesh intel P4 3.2GHz. they both have a pretty similar spec except the toshiba has 1yr b2b warrenty and the mesh has a 3yr b2b.

can anyone give me any pointers that might help me decide whch one to get?

  Diodorus Siculus 18:44 18 Jan 2005

It will depend on what you want if for, but for regular daily use, the centrino will be the better option: lighter, longer battery life, cooler running are three benefits.

  bfoc 19:26 18 Jan 2005

If you want a lighter laptop, with a long battery life then the Centrino is the one to choose.

If you want a full desktop replacement where size and battery life are not important then the Pentium 4 would match the bill.

  Modo 19:52 18 Jan 2005

The Centrino by a mile.

But it needs a decent battery - I've got the same model with an older battery version. I had to pay over £100 for the 4 hour battery. It is a great battery.

Also watch the RAM it needs at least 512. But if it has 2 x 256 you'll find you have to take a module out to get an increase. Expensive and wasteful.

The Tosh is more robust than it first looks and some of the Tosh software in terms of power management and wireless management utilities is fantastic.

The P4 is a desk machine that is difficult to carry and it is difficult to upgrade. You don't want to get over 2.5 - 3 Kg if you are carrying a laptop around.

  tyto 20:26 21 Jan 2005

thanks for all the really useful advise. i plumped for the toshiba centrino and we're very happy together....

  Modo 21:19 21 Jan 2005

Hope you are happy with it.

With the Tosh make sure you visit their site regularly and download the drivers sequentially. The registration and notification process is poor.

I was in the city today presenting and at exactly one year old mine still had a wow factor (in the City where money is still depressingly easy) - and it performed impeccably with the extended battery.

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