LIVING_ON_BORROWED_TIME 15:33 29 Jun 2003


Can anyone explain what the equivilent Centrino laptop is compared to a P4.

e.g a Centrino 1.3Ghz is the equivalnt of ?? P4 2.2, 2.4 ???

As someone looking to buy a laptop and unsure which way to go would it be just as good to get a higher performing P4m laptop and buying (if possible) an adapter or card to make it wireless??

I am brand spanking new to laptops to please accept my apologises if these seem like daft questions!

If you don't ask you don't get!

  DieSse 18:22 29 Jun 2003

Centrino is not a processor - it's a collection of components desigend spaecially for laptops, and includes Pentium M processors click here& for a description.

It follows that the speed depends on which model Pentium M you choose in the product you are looking at. They range in speed from 900MHz to 1.7GHz, with a 400MHz bus.

  DieSse 18:24 29 Jun 2003

PS - They wiil basically run somewhat slower than the equivalent speed P4 (where there is one).

  jazzypop 18:56 29 Jun 2003

For now, buy a PCMCIA wireless card and a 'plain' mobile p4 chip.

As Centrino is still a newish technology, you will be paying a price premium to allow Intel to recoup their development costs, as well as getting slower performance for the 98% of the time when you are not using your WiFi capabilities.

  Wes Tam ;-) 10:38 30 Jun 2003

DieSse I'm struggling with the same problem as LIVING_ON_BORROWED_TIME. I'm looking to buy a laptop and have been reading these pages and PCA for inspiration. I thought I was there, but now you've thrown me into confusion. You say "Centrino is not a processor" but I've also read the following News items on this site:

IDF: Centrino to supersede all other mobile processors
by Ursula Seymour
Intel dismisses rivals as "dead in the water"
Thursday, 20 February 2003

Intel believes that it?s only a matter of time before its latest mobile processor, Centrino takes over from all other portable PC chips.

Centrino proves a winner on performance
by Ursula Seymour
Portable processor isn't just a techno breakthrough, it's fast too
Wednesday, 12 March 2003

Today sees the launch of Intel's Centrino mobile processor, after months of hype about what the
company promises will be its best chip for portable PCs ever.

Centrino comes of age with three new processors
by Ursula Seymour
Intel heralds success of mobile chip by beefing up Wi-Fi security
Monday, 02 June 2003

Intel's latest mobile processor, Centrino is fast winning supporters among the PC makers... devices will be Centrino-powered.
To meet this demand it is introducing three new processors to the Centrino line-up: a top-speed
1.7GHz model, a 1.2GHz low-voltage version and an ultra-low-voltage 1GHz unit.

Please enlighten a laptop virgin; are you or Ursula Seymour of PCA correct?

Should I, and LIVING_ON_BORROWED_TIME, be looking for a Centrino chip or not?

  DieSse 15:53 30 Jun 2003

Read the link above and it explains it - The Centrino "package" includes Pentium M processors.

  barrie_g 17:31 30 Jun 2003

DieSse, is correct as I don't know where but I do know that for a Laptop to be able to have a "Centrino" sticker it must also have a 802.11b Wi-Fi adapter, click here for one of the full stories and as it states it MUST have three parts to qualify as a "Centrino".

  Wes Tam ;-) 09:59 01 Jul 2003

Thanks DieSse and barrie_g (this link written in a way that I could easily understand) for making this clear.

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