Centre Speaker Stand

  iqs 15:44 21 Jul 2014

Hi, Im looking to purchase a cheap-ish centre speaker stand.Can you recommend an on-line company please. Thank you

  Woolwell 18:57 21 Jul 2014

Richer sounds?

  wee eddie 19:11 21 Jul 2014

When you say 'Centre Speaker Stand', do you mean a Stand to put a Sub-Woofer on?

If so, not to worry, Sub-woofers are designed to be placed on the floor, even behind a sofa, rather than their sound having a direct line to the ear. Low wavelength sounds are not noticeably impeded by such items or absorbed by the human body.

  iqs 11:34 22 Jul 2014

Hi, I have tried Amazon,no luck.I always buy from Richer Sounds ,but they only sell standard speaker stands.Thanks

The stand is for the centre speaker of a 5.1 set up. Currently its on the floor.Ideally it should be level with the tweeters in the front speakers.


  wee eddie 12:05 22 Jul 2014

So it all comes down to the ideal positioning of a Sub Woofer. The floor is the right place for it.

Otherwise, think laterally and buy a Bird Table

  Woolwell 12:30 22 Jul 2014

No it's not the sub woofer which would be the .1. It's a central speaker. It should not be on the floor. Without seeing your set up it is difficult to envisage why you cannot put it on a computer desk with the other speakers. My central speaker sits behind the monitor.

  iqs 14:57 22 Jul 2014

From what I have read,the centre speaker should not be placed behind the TV?,only on top or in-front? Thanks

  Woolwell 17:24 22 Jul 2014

I hadn't appreciated that it was for a TV.

  Woolwell 17:40 22 Jul 2014

What brand and model of speakers have you got?

  Woolwell 17:45 22 Jul 2014

A possibiity? Audiovisual online

No idea now good a company it is.

1]: [click here

  iqs 19:01 22 Jul 2014

Him Sorry should of stated its for a home cinema set up. I have the Mission MXC1 . I have mission stands for the 4 surround speakers ,just can locate a cheap-ish centre. I will have a look at the company in your link . Thank you

A bird cage lol

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