central point broadband

  Brian-318590 19:53 05 Jan 2005

my problem is speed i have a 1mb conection which after 6 pm the speed drops down to at lowest 160kbs imform there help desk and got these replys

This is exactly what you would expect from a 50:1 contented 1mbs line. I am afraid this is not a fault, this is simply to do with the amount of users that are using the connection at any one time.

I am afraid that we will not be able to refund you as the speeds that you are getting are well within the contention limits.
If you wish to cancel then I cannot stand in your way, however this is a 50:1 contended service and you will find a similar service with many other ISP's.
We have met our requirements from our side of the contract and I am sorry that you feel aggreived by our service but I am afraid there is nothing we can do about this as there is no fault to be investigated.

These speeds were not always at this speed and can in fact only see one time at which they were. Most of the time you received a very satisfactory speed and was always in your contention limits.

Looking at your speed tests, it does seem to indicate it is due to contention you are currently on a 50:1 contention therefore we are unable to improve the download speeds you are recieving. We can provide a 20:1 connection which may improve speeds but this is slightly more expensive.
i,ve only had the connection 1 month and in that time my log in would,nt work and now speeds are right down surly this is a breach of contract on there part not able to provide a constant speed ,what can i do now i,ve already ask to be disconected but they say i,ll have to pay another 2 month,s as i,m in a 3 mouth deal
now what

  Brian-318590 11:05 06 Jan 2005

no one have any suggestions what to do next

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