CDWoW Website and lack of Secure SSL

  Fried~Chips 00:37 26 Feb 2008

Hello all,

Was going to complete a transaction online at CDWow which is at click here got to putting the card details and noticed their was no SSL or Gold Padlock showing. Apperently payment is taken by Paynova.

Has anyone used CD Wow and noticed this, I have used them a few years back and they were ok then but now not seeing any https or secure procedure has really put me off.

Should I be concerned ?

  merciarich 16:24 26 Feb 2008

"Credit card safety
CD WOW! and our secure payment service providers use the latest technology to protect your credit card information and do not release it to any outside organization. You can place your orders using secure encryption (the Internet standard for secure transactions). Any losses sustained by the transmission of personal information by e-mail or Internet links shall be borne exclusively by you.

Secure Transactions
CD WOW! intends to provide you with the safest and most secure shopping experience possible. Since offerings and technologies change, we reserve the right to change, modify, add or remove portions of our Privacy Policy at any time without prior notice. If policy changes are substantial, we will notify our customers via e-mail. Please periodically review our Privacy Policy for changes. If you have any questions, or would like further clarification, please contact our Customer Service Centre.

If policy changes are substantial, we will notify our customers via e-mail. "

Found at the Terms and Conditions page click here

You will probably find it will redirect you to a secure page when it comes to actually submitting the data

I emailed Paynova about this last November, with the following reply;-

Because Paynova employs a unique transaction method, the webstore can never (and never needs to) see information such as user name, password, account number, card number or validation date when you buy something online. The information transmitted between the consumer and Paynova cannot be read or altered by anyone else. No unnecessary confidential information is transmitted. All passwords and all credit card numbers stored in the Paynova database are encrypted to guarantee that the information is accessible only to the individual consumer.

Paynova meets the security requirements issued by financial institutions. Paynova employs market leading hardware and software in order to protect information and prevent intrusion. We have developed our solutions in close cooperation with market leading companies using cutting edge technology. All transmission is monitored, day and night.

Paynova is using a so called Iframe, which means that the Paynova webpage can be fully integrated into the merchant´s webpage. For the user, it looks like one webpage but it is in fact two. Because of this, you can't see the Paynova URL in the browser´s address field. However, if you rightclick in the Iframe (the area where you state your card details) and choose "properties", you will be able to see for yourself that it is in fact a secure site.

However, what I've done since is opt for the second option when checking out, which directs you to the 'Worldpay', which used to be the default.

  gazzaho 21:17 26 Feb 2008

If I don't see a padlock or https then I don't use my CC number, it's as simple as that, even then I only use my CC number when PayPal isn't on offer otherwise I shop elsewhere. I prefer not to take a chance on a company not having secured transactions, irregardless of "latest technology" or not. If the latest technology can't reassure the customer of security then how can we be expected to trust it?

As merciarich pointed out this excerpt from their terms and conditions would put me off, especially the internet links part.

"Any losses sustained by the transmission of personal information by e-mail or Internet links shall be borne exclusively by you."

I’m no solicitor but the way I would read this is that they aren’t liable for someone receiving your CC number from an unsecured web page transaction. Also when clicking the SafeBuy logo at the top of the terms and conditions page it gives this information.

“The site that sent you here is not SafeBuy assured!
Either the site's certification has expired, or the operators are fraudulently displaying the SafeBuy seal. We suggest you proceed with caution, as the operators of the site may not genuinely be who they claim to be.”

The trust UK link doesn’t lead anywhere either. I personally wouldn’t take a chance on ordering from them.

  Fried~Chips 22:28 26 Feb 2008

thanks to merciarich & CoB also for your reply but as gazzaho says & I agree (hence reason for my posting) I see nothing which makes me feel safe on their site I will no longer touch it and will go to other source online for my tunes.

Not happy or confident with CD WOW !

  Forum Editor 22:50 26 Feb 2008

as a result of an internet transaction your credit card company will reimburse your card account - provided you didn't act negligently. That's the first thing to remember.

The second is that many e-commerce sites transfer you to a secure payment processing company's site for the actual card transaction, so you won't see the padlock, or the https// in the address bar until that transfer takes place - usually as soon as you click the checkout button.

  Fried~Chips 00:07 27 Feb 2008

nearly everytime I have purchased online when entering my Visa details I always see https: & even some login webistes when entering Password &/or username also with Https:

Personally, with no visual of this really puts me off as I have never seen a website without it before. Honest!

  vivian20091010 02:26 14 Jan 2010

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  [email protected] 03:09 14 Jan 2010

and every page I've been on since clicking the 'Checkout' link has started "https:"

This is the address of the page requesting the credit card number:

https : // www . (without spaces of course)

The padlock is also present in the lower right hand corner of my browser (Firefox).

Screenshot - click here

  tullie 11:36 14 Jan 2010

Just tried it myself,after selection you are taken to a secure page,with both padlock and https address

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