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  tenplus1 10:16 30 Nov 2003

Has anyone ever layed the online lotto games like bananalotto, DailyDraw or StrikerMillion and won CD-Wow vouchers, only to be told you can only use 1 per order...

This really ticks me off as I've saved up vouchers from these games and after totalling £30 worth I wanted to buy some Christmas prezzies for the family...

I place my order, add my voucher and get £1 off the total which means I still have to pay £29 to get my cd's, and all the other vouchers are sitting unused... ugg...

  JIM 10:26 30 Nov 2003

do you think your correct?

To claim your voucher:
1. Just enter your email address below and CD WOW! will instantly send your free voucher to your email address provided.
2. When the email arrives, click on the voucher link and the CD WOW! site will be automatically discounted.

3. Only one e-voucher will be allocated per email address.

click here
FAQ's: Match 2 numbers and win a CD WOW! Voucher

How do I win the CD WOW! Voucher and what does it entitle me to?

If you successfully match 2 numbers in the Bananalotto game, you will be entitled to a 50 pence reduction voucher to spend on anything at click here.

The average price of a Chart CD at CD WOW! is £8.99 which means you will be able to pick up your favourite Top Chart CD for as little as £8.49 including FREE DELIVERY!

You will receive a winner's email, which will contain your voucher in a clickable link form, please follow the instructions contained in this mail.

The voucher must be claimed within 14 days of winning.

Finally please note that you can only claim 3 voucher prizes a year; both Bananalotto and CD WOW! will track this.

How do I claim my CD WOW! Prize?

You will receive a winner's email, which will contain a link for you to click, to claim your prize.

Once you're on the CD WOW! Special Winners site follow these 4 simple steps:
-1 To place an order and claim your 50p - simply select the item you wish to buy and click on ADD TO CART (please note - when selecting your first item, prices are already reduced by 50p - the value of your prize).
-2 The item will then be placed in your shopping cart.
-3 If you wish to purchase additional products, add as many as you wish in this way
(after adding your first item, normal prices apply) before clicking on the CHECKOUT button.
-4 Then just follow the on-screen instructions to complete your transaction
(CD WOW! accept all the usual Credit & Debit cards)

You must claim within 14 days of winning.

How many CD-WOW! vouchers can I claim?

Every time you match 2 numbers you will receive a voucher. However, you can only claim up to three 50 pence vouchers in one year. Every time you match 2 numbers you will receive a voucher. However, you can only claim up to three 50 pence vouchers in one year. You must use your CD-WOW! voucher within 14 days of winning and only one voucher can be used per purchase. CD-WOW! will track this to ensure eligibility.

click here

  tenplus1 13:50 30 Nov 2003

It's funny, if I had read the disclaimer I'd probably have noticed all that already... bummer... sorry to CD-Wow for bitching...

It would have been nice though to have a system like Amazon where you can collect vouchers and redeem them into your account, save up and buy something nice without having to spend a penny...

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