CD-RW reading times on laptop computer

  johnnyrotten 18:54 16 Feb 2004

I have a problem with reading CD-RWs on a laptop computer.
The discs (about 500Mbytes of data files) all read in between 5 to 10 minutes on a variety of other drives and PCs. They take the best part of two hours on the laptop. Other CDs and CD-Rs read on the laptop in under 10 minutes.

The laptop is an Evesham Voyager 5815+2.6 fitted with a Panasonic/Mat*[email protected]:a CW-8122 drive. Operating system is Windows XP Home.
The CD-RWs are a selection of Imation and Verbatim.

Evesham have had the computer in their workshops for over nine weeks now but they do not seem to be able to fix it.

Does anyone out there have any idea what could be the problem and solution?

  Jarvo 19:50 16 Feb 2004

First are you using the latest drivers for your cd-rw and burning software check with your manafactures websites.

Secondly if I am reading you corectly is it only this one disc that is the problem? If so save the disc to your hard drive then copy back to a new cd this may solve the problem because if you have errors on the disc it will take longer for the cd to be read once downloded and burnt onto a new disc all in theory should be ok

Also if you are using packet writing (drag and drop) to create the CD-RW are you using the same software to read it this can be a problem.


  johnnyrotten 22:37 16 Feb 2004

thanks for th equick response
1.The drive has never worked properly. Drivers are as supplied by Evesham with the new machine.
2. No, I have an assortment of discs, Imation and Verbatim. All CD-RW discs I use have the same problem.
3.The software I am using for packet writing is the same as I use successfully with CD-Rs, which then read in less than 8 minutes.

  Jarvo 23:06 16 Feb 2004


If you could answer the next few questions it may help

1 The CD-RW discs you have problems with where they recorded on the evesham?

2 What kind of CD creating software are you using eveshams own, easy CD or Nero ect

3 how old is the laptop (not to old by the looks of the speck)

5 How old are the CD-RW and did you format them in the same machine

Back to you tomorrow


  johnnyrotten 08:20 17 Feb 2004

1 The CD-RWs were actually recorded on my older Evesham desktop.
2 I used drag-and-drop Adaptec (now roxio?) EasyCD or DirectCD in a four year old HP writer.
3 The laptop was brand new in October 2003 and the "difficulty " was reported to Evesham in November.
5 (4?) The CD-RWs are now two or three years old.

What really confuses me is that the same discs all read in sensible times on more than half a dozen other computers and drives, including a desktop and a laptop selected at random from the shelves in Evesham's own showroom.

thanks for your replies, it is nice to see someone take a genuine interest.

  Jarvo 19:52 17 Feb 2004

CD-RW are renound for being unstable for long term storage (I personaly only use them for backups of large documents as I am creating them once created backed up to CD-R and now second hard drive)it could be that your CD-RW are about to bite the bullet(so back them up now while you can). Have you tryed a brand new freshley formated CD-RW if this is OK it could be that your drive is a little chosey about the quality of disc.
Have you downloaded Adaptecs updates although your computer is new, there are updates from Jan 2004 on the site (open up easy cd and click the web checkup button) it could be that an update fixes probs with software and posibly a relitivly new drive.

other than that its difficult its down to you to prove the drive is at fault and thats a bit out of my depth but at least you can say I have eliminated the above.


  Jarvo 18:14 19 Feb 2004

how are you getting on

  johnnyrotten 18:22 19 Feb 2004

thanks for your advice and ideas, I am still pursuing it with the supplier, Evesham Technologies. For further highlights see the separate thread EVESHAM AFTER SALES SUPPORT.

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