CD Printer

  maz2 16:07 17 Aug 2004

Anyone know of any good deals out there, I need one that will print pictures as well as text, also I already have a mulitfunction (Epson) connected which I use a lot (photocopying) could I connect 2 printers to one machine or would this cause problems Cheers

  €dstowe 17:08 17 Aug 2004

Shop around for the Epson R200, or its posher variant, R300.

It is quite in order to have multiple printers attached to one computer. Several machines here have five or more. The thing you have to be careful of is ensuring that the right printer is doing the job for you.


  leo49 17:11 17 Aug 2004

The Epson R300 is pretty good and coming down in price. I've got a Canon I use for documents and the R300 for CDs both connected to the same PC with no problems.

  maz2 22:10 17 Aug 2004

Thanks for that I'll have a look around I wasn't sure if you could attach 2 so I'm grateful to know that you can Cheers

  jakimo 23:39 17 Aug 2004

Epson R200 £85

click here

  Chris the Ancient 20:10 18 Aug 2004

Been using one for a while now - and no worries with it.

Do make sure that you get printable discs! I had some with white backs that 'looked' printable. They weren't!

Be really posh and get transparent CD labels to put over the finished disc. Stops the ink wearing and smudging and makes it look really professional.


  Stuartli 08:30 19 Aug 2004

click here has been offering the TDK CD printer at £47 including VAT and delivery recently.

An alternative is an photo inkjet printer also capable of printing on CDs for around £120-130 - Epsom and Sagem are two manufacturers that come to mind producing them.

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