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CD Laser Lens Cleaner

  Edbanger 15:24 09 Apr 2004

I am looking for one of these, as anyone any recommendations. It,s for my Denon Cd player, which does not read all of my CDs.
It's not the discs as they work in the car or on another CD player.

  Stuartli 15:34 09 Apr 2004

There is very rarely any need to use a CD lens cleaner - drives and players are normally well sealed.

It's more likely that your Denon player (it's a top class make) cannot read some of your disks because it is outside its remit.

Checking the actual model number's specifications on the Denon website should reveal exactly what type of disks it can read.

If you really must get a lens cleaner, then any local discount store will have them in from around £1.99 - anything very much more and you are probably being ripped off.

  Edbanger 18:59 09 Apr 2004

I've checked the Denon website and it does not show the CD player that I have, even under discontinued products.
The CDs I've tried to play, have been used in the past with no problems.
These are genuine shop bought CDs, not copies, which is what made me think that the lens needed cleaning.

Thank for your help.


  Stuartli 14:32 10 Apr 2004

What is the model number of the Denon? It will be listed somewhere on the case.

  Edbanger 19:02 10 Apr 2004

The model No is. UD-M5 3-CD Receiver.

A UD-M50 is on the Drenon site but not mine.

I'll buy a lens cleaner tomorrow and see if it makes any differance.


  Stuartli 19:23 10 Apr 2004

It appears to be a component of a hi-fi system:

click here

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