CCL computers the very best

  martd7 10:26 12 Mar 2019

Bold claims but I have to say above any other retailer I've tried they are brilliant,price,delivery,and aftercare service,just bought my 3rd pc from them everything went smoothly from ordering to collection

5 stars

  wee eddie 11:44 12 Mar 2019

Happy for you. Just as every PC should be

  martd7 14:39 12 Mar 2019

Yes it should but we know from complaints on this forum that not all PC manufacturers provide the same service

  alanrwood 15:55 12 Mar 2019

I have to agree that everything I have ever bought from them has gone through perfectly

  Menzie 16:01 12 Mar 2019

I remember purchasing a video card from them, it was an AMD model.

The next day I got a package and I opened it. It was the same chipset of card I ordered but a different model.

It turns out that the card I ordered wasn't in stock so they substituted and gave me a better model. This one had a fan instead of passive cooling, a slightly higher clock and it was a good brand which they actually sold for more money. They did this substitute at no extra cost to me.

I always use them.

  martd7 16:54 12 Mar 2019

Yes the system I ordered with 16gb Ram came with more expensive ram,my choice was out of stock,no extra charge

  wee eddie 17:44 12 Mar 2019

I was polite in my first response, so now I shall be straight and to the point.

No they're not the very best.

You, and others, have had good experiences. Others have had good experiences with other Companies. CCL are at least as good as the rest of the field. I am glad that you are happy with dealings with them but, are you sure that they are that much better that the rest if the market

  Govan1x 21:37 12 Mar 2019

Obviously for those that like them there is some that don't. click here

  martd7 23:19 12 Mar 2019

Every company has good and bad ratings,I've used CCL for about 15yrs they started from a tiny store and moved to a large warehouse and offices as their business progressed

I've not had a problem with them I just thought for a change give some positive feedback about a company,it's my experience of many years of purchases

  rickf 15:26 13 Mar 2019

Have found Novatech to be very good.

  Pine Man 16:38 13 Mar 2019

Have found Novatech to be very good.

I would say that they are the very best!

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