Cat Food

  Terry Brown 15:21 21 Feb 2012

I was unable to get the tin food I normally buy for my cat, so I thought to try another well known name (starts with K and sounds like a chocolate biscuit).

My cat seems to like it OK, however when I looked at the Label (Contains Turkey in big print), I saw it only contains 1%- Yes one part in a hundred of turkey and the rest is Meat and animal derivatives, cereal and protein, on reading further most of this is in-organic chemicals.

How can a product that advertises in large print the 'MAIN' flavour only contain 1% of that product.

It must be OK for the cat otherwise they would not be allowed to sell it, however to me it seems wrongful advertising.

As you may have guessed I normally read the labels before I buy products , but this was in a 6 pack and the contents were not displayed on the outside.


  spuds 15:38 21 Feb 2012

This is a known fact about animal foods (and perhaps human foods), that the supposed main advertised content is fairly low, when it ends up in tins or packets. It might pay to check the water content as well?.

I saw some animal food tests many years ago, and the general opinion was that is was cheaper to buy some of the best meat (for human consumption), than to buy what meat quality or content ended up in cat and dog food.

Our dog's have Hypo-Allergenic & Low Allergen dry mix, which according to the experts 'is the best'.

  Terry Brown 15:47 21 Feb 2012

Thanks for that Spud, the one I normally buy is Butchers cat food which is 45 % meat or Fish and has a good jelly or gravy with it, as advertised on the tin, unfortunately because it not widely advertised, it is normally on the bottom shelf of the shops, where unless you look for the particular product you will not see it, and only a few shops stock it.

Incidentally on the one I mentioned it says 8.3% 'moisture'


  ams4127 17:04 21 Feb 2012

My German Shepherd has had whatever food happens to be on sale at the time I buy it. She is now 13 years old, where most GSDs live to about 10. She is starting to fade now and I don't have much more time with her. It will kill me when she dies.

Animals in the wild will eat anything they can find. I sometimes think that we humans kill with kindness.

  interzone55 17:19 21 Feb 2012

Asda often have offers on Butchers dog food, never used their cat food though as we usually give our cat the sachet food, it's more expensive but the cats love it.

Our dog used to eat Butcher's tripe mix, but they changed the recipe recently (New & Improved!) and the smell became over powering (that's the smell of the food) so we've switched to Wainwright's trays from Pets At Home, they're not cheap but the dog likes them and I've found that the emissions from the dog are somewhat less noxious as well...

  morddwyd 21:26 21 Feb 2012

"Animals in the wild will eat anything they can find"

But carnivores like felines and canines do not normally gorge themselves on cereals very often, which is what what many pet foods contain a high percentage of!

  ams4127 00:06 22 Feb 2012


Exactly my point. My GSD has always had meat and a few biscuits. I know one lady who gives her little dog Weetabix!!

  Rob Gibson 08:41 22 Feb 2012

Regarding killing with kindness . . .

Many years ago we knew a couple who bought their Dachshund a bag of grapes every week. Now, I've been told that grapes are poisonous for dogs, but she lived to be sixteen years old!

Our dog absolutely adores peas, and she has a few as a treat now and again. The vet sees no problem with this and we have a happy dog.

  spuds 09:39 22 Feb 2012

Talking about contents in cat and dog food, our dogs have a change of dry food occasionally. One month Turkey and Rice, another month Salmon and potato etc. Only the other week I was reading a monthly dog magazine, were subscribers could ask questions for a response from the magazines vet. One person asked, what food can be fed to her animals, and what should be avoided.

The vet gave an whole range of what can, and what cannot's. One point was made that potatoes should not be fed to dog's. I pondered on this remark, because it would appear that the vet knew more about this, than perhaps some of the manufacturer's of animal feeds, and that would include some of the top names in animal product suppliers, whose products don't always come cheap?.

  onionskin 23:52 22 Feb 2012

My cat would eat anything, she was a real pest at meal times, but she turned her nose up at Kit e Kat.

  wiz-king 06:32 23 Feb 2012

My cats like a stable diet - mice, rats and voles are the staple diet with the occasional treat of squirrel and once even a hind quarter of very smelly deer was been brought home (I think the deer was road kill or died of old age - even though I was told 'look what we got').

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