Cast your optics on this enterprising effort

  TopCat® 15:59 01 Mar 2010

Live way out in the sticks and have money and effort to spare? Then here's a novel way to get fibre optic broadband to your home. Planning permissions, if needed, not mentioned in this story. TC. click here

  TopCat® 15:36 04 Mar 2010

Closing! TC.

  961 18:51 04 Mar 2010

When we were young, and the sun shone every day, we got tv that way in the Highlands

The village (100 souls left from the Glengarry clearances) clubbed together to buy the equipment to install a receiver on the hillside to get the tv signal (1, 2 and ITV) from the transmitter up the great glen

It was then piped round the village to each house by co-ax with boosters every 100 yds

It was called tv self help and worked for many years

Only trouble was the 200 feet climb to the hut where the electronics were housed on the hill in the winter when it needed sorting out. Usually at night in the dark in the middle of the football

Haha! I like this! :D

Small story to tell thats very simalar. A place where I used to wrok had 2 buidings not 100 yards apart. The newer building didn't have fiberoptic up to it, and since it was only one building (at the time) telewest refused to do anything. A company did come up with a solution though. A laser link between the 2 sites. It worked pretty well too. We upped the high speed connection that came into unit A to the highest speed we could get then simply connected the Laser link to link up with unit B. It was pretty damn good :)

I don't work there anymore but my understanding is that now Virgin have taken over from NTL and Telewest, there's fiber up to both units.

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