Casio not honouring warrenty

  je-haz 13:22 03 Dec 2007


6 months ago I purchased a 10mp Casio digital camera from Amazon.

When it arrived, I noticed the clip that holds the battery in had a light-grey line along it. I couldn't decide whether this was a weakness in the plastic, or just part of the colour.

2 months later, the clip broke off. The battery cannot stay in without the clip, so I can't use the camera anymore.

I contacted Casio and they said "it sounds like an impact damage". I assured them it was not. The camera has been looked after very well, kept in a soft, case, etc. It still has all the manufacturer stickers and protections on it!

So I sent it in to them for further inspection, and they said: Our engineer has assessed it and it appears to be an impact damage, therefore we will not cover it by the warrenty, you will have to pay £85 to repair it.

(bearing in mind a new one costs £109).

So I asked them to return the camera. I have just received it back and it is still all taped up inside the bubblewrap that I sent it in - in other words, they have not assessed it.

So basically, I have a camera that is still under warenty, with another 6 motnhs left. But Casio already decide that they are not going to honour the warrenty before you even show them the problem.

What can I do??????

Thanks, James.

  HondaMan 13:56 03 Dec 2007

was directed at the wrong people. You bought the camera from Amazon, therefore you should have approached them first.

See here:click here

  je-haz 14:17 03 Dec 2007


by the time the catch broke off, it was 2 months later after purchase. By then, I thought the retailer is no longer obliged and it becomes the care of the warrenty?

  octal 14:42 03 Dec 2007

"Where goods bought after 31 March 2003 prove defective within six months of purchase, there's a presumption that they were defective when they were bought, in which case the seller is in breach of contract (Section 14 Sale of Goods Act)."

Go back to Amazon, they are the vendor who sold it to you, not Casio.

  Kemistri 14:43 03 Dec 2007

If the fault occurred at or within 6 months, the seller must demonstrate that the fault was not inherent. UK law places responsibility on sellers, rather than on manufacturers or distributors.

In this case, I cannot imagine any reasonable individual (or judge, in cases of small claims) accepting the "impact damage" explanation unless there is some external damage consistent with an impact.

Approach Amazon, making it known that you wish to invoke your rights per the relevant section of the SGA and receive a replacement or free repair - keep it polite, but it's always wise to let the other party be aware that have some idea of what everyone's rights are.

  je-haz 14:59 03 Dec 2007


I have contacted Amazon, and they very nicely offered a full refund. I am very impressed by their service.

Casio on the other hand - saying no to honouring their warrenty, and making stuff up....I'm not very happy at all with.

Their camera is fantastic (providing it doesn't break after 2 months) but from what I gather they are liers and cheaters when it comes to warrenties. My advise would be to steer clear.

£85 to repair a tiny piece of plastic on a £109 camera thats under warrenty!!

  anchor 16:13 03 Dec 2007

Glad to hear that you had a satisfactory resolution from Amazon.

I must say that I have always found Amazon an excellent company to deal with, and I wholeheartedly recommend them.

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