Casio EX-Z600 versus Sony DSC-T7 -> Concerns...

  funkey_monkey 13:47 04 May 2006

I've bought a Casio EX-Z600 6MP digital camera from Jessops for £150.

However, now that I've gotten it home and examined it in more detail there are some things which are annyoing me about it.

1. It is awkward to hold
2. The ultra compact cameras are more easily carried.
3. To charge the battery whilst on holiday I'll have to take the docking cradle with me.

I have since looked at a Sony DSC-T7 which is a 5MP camera which has a Carl Zeiss lens (apparently quite a good lens). I find it more easy to hold/operate and also it is noticeably slimmer.

It retails for £279 in Jessops but i can get it online for £190 from

I know the Memory stick Duo's are more expensive and require a converter to use in the booths at the photograph shops.

I am assuming that the quality of the Carl Zeiss lens will negate (at least) the fact that the Casio has 1MP more than the Sony.

The Sony is chareged via a little box which looks more sturdy the the docking station and therefore more suitable to carrying on holiday.

Does anyone have any advice for me in regard to returning the Casio EX-Z600 and buying the Sony DSC-T7?

Thanks in advance for any advice offered.


  Forum Editor 10:34 06 May 2006

you had an opportunity to examine the camera before you bought it, and you can't return it for a refund as a matter of right - although you could try asking Jessops if they'll accept it in part-exchange for your preferred model.

They don't have to comply, but they have an excellent customer service record, and it won't be the first time someone has made a mistake like yours.

  Forum Editor 10:38 06 May 2006

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