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  Forum Editor 11:05 03 Oct 2004

I haven't tried Cartridge World before, but yesterday I thought I would see what they were all about. I called in at my local branch with an empty Canon catridge and came out fifteen later with it refilled. Whilst there I bought a second refilled cartridge and ended up paying the princely sum of around £11 (I forget the exact amount) all in.

The refilled catridge works perfectly in my printer, and the lady who runs the shop said the ink was 'identical' to the makers' formula. I've previously only used manufacturers' inks, and advocated that others do the same, but if the refills work, and the printhead doesn't mind I will find it hard to resist using the service all the time.

Does anybody have any views/experiences?

  Forum Editor 11:07 03 Oct 2004

fifteen what?

Minutes of course - sorry.

  JonnyTub 11:08 03 Oct 2004

I've used them since they opened a while ago, always went back ever since, they do a speedy (and clean) job. From spending £58 on new cartridges to now only £14.00, i don't ever think i'll go back.

  961 11:59 03 Oct 2004

This sort of thing is what will prevent manufacturer's cartridges going up even more. If the EU gets its way, of course, we may find such enterprise severely restricted

We have locally an ink business which advertises nationally including in PCAdvisor. I really find it hard to distinguish the difference in results and with refill kits for black which will work many times with ease (supplied with a large sheet containing detailed instructions for many dozens of cartridges) and re-manufactured cartridges for colour and black at a fraction of branded prices I came to the conclusion some time ago that I could no longer justify the extra price for originals.

And that is before you take into account the fact that their cartridges are actually full, often containing three times the ink of the originals. They just go on forever

  georgemac 12:07 03 Oct 2004

my canon compatibles are around £1 each from ebuyer and the colours maybe £1.80 from inkrite. Never had a problem with one yet, although I don't print photos.

If I were to refill cartridges I would definitely let an expert do it - tried it once on epson carts and I made a bit of a mess!

  Stuartli 15:19 03 Oct 2004

We have a Cartridge World where I live but, as I use Canon BJC 600 cartridges, it's about twice the price to have them refilled there compared to sticking with JR and Jettec compatible cartridges.

However, a senior citizen (82) for whom I installed a Mesh system a year ago decided to try Cartridge World and had her Lexmark cartridges refilled.

She was thoroughly disappointed and temporarily went back to buying genuine Lexmark cartridges; since then she's found that own brand Staples compatibles are excellent and somewhat cheaper.

  spuds 16:13 03 Oct 2004

Two mid twenty year olds started a Cartridge World franchise in my local area about sixteen months ago.They have just opened their third shop within the City/County boundry, so it must be a success.Two people to now about twelve employees cannot be bad.

I found them fairly reasonable with Canon E30 photocopier toners. They install new components and refill the toner for £45.00. Canon originals are about £80.00 depending on source.If they have no rebuild kits for the E30 in stock, they will obtain a kit very quickly, usually the same day or early next day. The Cartridge World price of refilling HP or Lexmark printer cartridges is not very favourable to other sources that I obtain compatibles from, considering that Cartridge World only provide the ink in these circumstances.Quickness Yes--Value??.

  carver 20:10 03 Oct 2004

I've used Cartridge World for the last 12 months to refill the cartridges for my Cannon i850 and in that time only had 1 cartridge that was a bit dodgy after refilling and that was replaced by the owner of Cartridge World coming out to the house with a new cartridge. Service First Class.

  OwenLotts 08:44 04 Oct 2004

I haven't but i know someone who did. She doesn't any more after two sets failed due to "dry sponges". She did get a half price replacement the first time but he second time she gave up and now orders originals from 7dayshop.

  Sapins 09:57 04 Oct 2004

I'm paying an average of £3 per cartridge for my Epson Stylus Photo 895 from click here which includes free postage to France, and they usually arrive in 4 to 5 days, which is better than average from the UK. I have never had any problems and I cannot find cartridges any cheaper anywhere.

  Simsy 11:52 04 Oct 2004

in the inital post here, was "...and the printhead doesn't mind ...

I too have a Canon Printer, (S630) that I've had for about 3 years now. It's been absolutely fantastic, and quality of all types of output, including, (mostly), photos had been brilliant. Apart from the original supplied cartridges I had only ever used compatibles. The colours were excellent.

However, just under a year ago it started getting very "wooley" with colours. To cut a long story short, the print head needed replacing at a cost of about £85. I was advised by the supplier of the print head, (not Canon themselves), that it was likely that the compatible inks were, ultimately to blame. Apparently Canon's geniuine carts contain ink that is water based, and the compatibles usually contain a small amount of oil. The oil gradually clogs up and damages the head.

I can't verify any of this, obviously, but I have since replaced using genuine Canon carts and have been amazed at how much longer they last. I realise that the carts supplied with the printer may have not contained as much ink as replacements, but "compatibles" were lasting no longer than the originals. (not that I'm complaining that they were running out quickly - I'm not.)

Perhaps the compatibles, being oil based, mean that more "ink" gets used per drop, meaning qquicker used and the head damage that goes with it?

The analysis is pure speculation on my part, so I apologise if I'm way off base, but I thought it's worth putting it forward.



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