Cartex inkjet supplies

  kissag 14:00 29 Mar 2003

I have still not reseolved my problem with Cartex ink jet supplies click here I know many of you have had problems with them, and many others have not been concluded, check here: click here I have been in contact with the PC Advisor editor: Andrew Charlesworth, who would like to hear of anyone who has had problems with Cartex, please email him:- [email protected] and explain, he will take the matter up with them.


  PCA ed 14:38 02 Apr 2003

A couple of people have emailed me this week about Cartex, but no details yet.

Again, if PCA is to do anything, I need hard evidence: details of unfulfilled transactions including dates, amounts and any paperwork or email trails.

Has anyone heard whether the TSO has taken an interest? And if so, which office?

Email me at the address given by Kissag.

  kissag 14:55 02 Apr 2003

I have been in touch with the local Consumer Protection office (Trading Standards) who have been in touch with Cartex, they state that they have not received my cartridges, although I sent them last November and obtained a receipt from the post office.

I spoke to a girl at the Cartex office, who confirmed thay had received my cartridges and would be receiving a cheque in due course, noting happened.

I have emailed Cartex several times and also telephoned them, I receieved a reply from Tim Wardman of Cartex on January the 27th, who stated:-

"Thankyou for your e-mail, and for the returned cartridges. We have received a huge response to our recycling offer and this is causing some considerable delays with payment. Please allow a further 14 days for receipt of your payment. Thankyou and sorry for any inconvenience caused."

With the recent correspondance from Cartex to the CP (TDO)stating that they had not received them is not correct, I have respondede to their allegations and await a reply.

If you care to sight the numerous posts made by your readers on your web site, you will see just the problems Cartex have caused. This should not be allowed to happen, we buy your magazine in good faith and consider that if companies advertise in such, you should be able to offer some help when a company turns out to be something it is definitely is not.

I along with many people have bought your magazine and subscribed to such for many years, believing that this is the best PC magazine around, with the present situation I am considering whether I should continue to subscribe or not.

You have the email addresses of the persons who have posted on this forum, since this is your web site and forum, I would expect you to check on persons complaints rather then to have asked me to do this in the first place.

I would appreceiate your help in recovering my losses, along with the number of others duped by this company, I wait with anticipation to see if you allow this company to continue with asadvertising in your magazine.

  PCA ed 16:23 02 Apr 2003

Peter, my job is to edit a magazine not chase customer complaints, but I'm offering to do it because of all the reasons you state above and several more.

However, I don't have time to email all the people who have posted. I would have thought if people were really concerned about getting their money back they'd take the effort to email me their details when I asked for them.

I've still not had a single person who has told me how much they are owed by Cartex.

All I have is a few threads which said 'I had a problem'. That's not much to go on. Despite my appeal for info, so far you are the only one who has given me details of a dispute with the company. But even you haven't said how much it involves.

  kissag 17:50 02 Apr 2003


Andrew, I returned 9 HP ink jet cartridges to Cartex, and estimate I should have received £15.00 for these, which is a negligible amount, however, as such by returning these to Cartex, I have entered into a contract with Cartex and am entitled to the price offered on their web site for the return of such cartridges for recycling.

The company is using these returned cartridges to refill and sell on again at their advertised cost.

No matter what amount of the loss to myself, I feel grieved that this company can carry on in this way to take advantage of myself and many other customers good nature.

Many people have lost more than I in this matter, some have been reimbursed by their credit card companies, others maybe have not bothered to take the matter any further.

If I had not read the discussion threads and not had emails from other customers in respect of Cartex on your forum, I would have thought this was a one off, however, from the scale of the response to the said threads, I now know I am not alone on this, what grieves me even more is the fact that your company were aware of the problems with Cartex last years as stated in your email to myself.

I find it hard to conceive that you have done absolutely nothing to rectify matters, especially when your readers are involved, or even inform your readers that there may be a problem with this company, any other company would be failing in their duty if they did not make their customers aware that there could be a problem with one of their advertisers.

I welcome your involvement to rectify the problem with this company, however if this is not concluded, I shall take the matter as far as I need to be reimbursed for my losses.

  PCA ed 09:36 03 Apr 2003

Thanks for the details Peter.

As I say, I've done nothing since we phoned Cartex the first time because no one came forward with factual evidence.

I'm willing to be involved but don't overestimate the power of one magazine. A customer who feels any company has given them a raw deal needs to pursue their own course of action as well in the way that you are doing.

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