kissag 15:11 21 Jan 2003
  kissag 15:11 21 Jan 2003

last year in November I noticed an advert in PC Advisor by Cartex click here they buy empty inkjet cartridges, I sent 5 HP 78's and 4 HP 45's by post, of which I obtained a receipt for.

I have emailed them twice and heard nothing, I have written to them, I also telephoned them before Christmas, the lady I spoke to on the phone understood my enquiry and said that she would attend to it straight away, she was aware of the 9 empty cartridges I had sent to them.

It is now January 21st 2003 and I have not heard from them, they have not sent me a cheques as agreed and I am concerned as to the viability of this company, how many other people have sent their empty cartridges to them and not received payment.

I use a lot of cartridges, both for a HP 970 and an Epson C80, and was intending to buy my future cartridges from Cartex, unfortunately they have failed to respond to any of my mail, so I doubt that I will actually tend to purchase from them.

  €dstow 15:23 21 Jan 2003

You are not alone!

click here


  Stuartli 17:51 21 Jan 2003

So you "doubt" you will buy from them....:-) What would it take to convince you not to do so in view of your alleged experience with them?

My son had the same problem - took six weeks and a threat to involve the company in bankrupcy (apparently there is a method) before he got his refund.

  spuds 00:17 22 Jan 2003

Report this company to your local Trading Standards, so that they can pass your complaint onto the TS covering Cartex's area. This company have had a lot of bad publicity lately, both via PCA and other media publications. It is about time action was taken, to bring this company into line with consumers requests.


A lot of people would dearly like to known the process you refer to ?

please refer to the number of complaints on the previous pages.

I am still waiting a refund from november and last week threatened them with the small claims court but no respones from them yet.
I am going to phone again tomoorrow to rattle a few cages again.

May be we should all arrange a visit to their company one day?

  PCA ed 14:44 23 Jan 2003

Who is still owed money by Cartex and how much?

What action are you taking to reclaim it?

If you've notified trading standards, which office?

Email me if you don't want to say publicly.

  kissag 15:25 23 Jan 2003

I have contacted my local Trading Standards officer at Bridlington EY and have advised the editor of PC, who has posted above for information about money/goods owing and action taken... please reply to him with relevant information about these threads: click here


  pj123 23:28 23 Jan 2003

I found that they don't send you money. They take the amount off your next order for ink cartridges.

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