Carrera - things are looking up!

  astral traveller 23:14 14 Jan 2003
  astral traveller 23:14 14 Jan 2003

Hello again. I said I would post again click here and click here following the delay in the arrival of my pc from Carrera. So here I am. Having emailed and telephoned Carrera on Saturday - no problem getting through - I received a return call assuring me that my pc would be delivered on Tuesday (14th Jan). I also received a call on Monday confirming that my pc would be delivered the next day. I'm pleased to say that my pc arrived today as promised. Everything ordered is present and seems okay apart from what seems a dodgy subwoofer (crackling even at low volume levels) - I'll give it a whirl again tommorrow. So, I was initially dissapointed that the pc didn't arrive on time and I had no contact from Carrera to explain why, but having chased them up they came up with the goods and I am now looking forward to some happy computing.

  rickf 15:31 15 Jan 2003

good luck. Lets hope all goes well.

  Djohn 15:41 15 Jan 2003

astral traveller, pleased to hear that all is well in the end. Move the connectors about a few times to see if this helps with the crackle, (Dirty connectors, maybe?)

Enjoy your new machine, have fun. J.

  Darth Port 09:45 16 Jan 2003

Good to hear this. I had a few troubles when I received my machine before Xmas (missing recovery CD, wrong soundcard installed), but as of yesterday, all outstanding issues were resolved by Nick Smith at Carrera ([email protected]).

I think they have been overwhelmed with demand after so many magazine recommendations, and if they sort out the order checking/quality control, deserve to do well.

I'm now the proud owner of a great system (the 17" NEC TFT is amazing!)

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