Carrera, no news is not good news.

  astral traveller 19:28 10 Jan 2003
  astral traveller 19:28 10 Jan 2003

Some of you may remember my posting of 2nd Jan click here. Just to recap, I had ordered a pc from Carrera and I had become worried after seeing a number of negative postings about them. So I asked if there was any good news about Carrera. The good news responses were very sparse which didn't cheer me up at all. But I decided to wait and see and said I would be back here with news - good or bad - it's bad. I ordered the pc on 29th November for delivery in the 1st week of January (I didn't want to get caught up in the Christmas rush). I received written confirmation of my order within a few days and my credit card was debited the full amount on December 18th. I have had no contact from Carrera initiated by them (they have replied to my enquiries confirming that I would receive the pc before the weekend. By my reckoning it's well past the 1st week in January, it is nearly 6 weeks since I ordered the pc, 23 days since my credit card was debited and I have no pc. Not even the courtesy of a phone call or email from Carrera- they have my numbers - to explain they are running late or something. My first reaction is to write cancelling the agreement and asking for my money back. I could phone them and ask what is happening but am I just going to get strung along like the luckless others who have posted here? I would welcome your opinions.

  Andsome 20:11 10 Jan 2003

Sorry, no disrespect but I can only say that you were warned. I would say that there have been more than enough negative postings on the site concerning this company, to have put me off for life. They are supposed to have a presence on the site, but I have yet to see them respond to all the criticism. Maybe they have, but I certainly missed it.

  astral traveller 20:36 10 Jan 2003

Most of the negative postings about Carrera that I have become aware of were during December - after I had ordered and the "warnings" I received were after my own posting asking for good news - again after I had ordered - yes I know bolting the stable door etc. Never the less I was slightly bouyed by comments such as "any request for information on any company on this forum will only attract negative comments" or words to that affect and anyway as I had already ordered I had to wait and see. Anyway the point is what now?
Despite my pessimism I guess I must attempt to contact Carrera to find out what is happening.

  its fried 21:29 10 Jan 2003

good point that, i just read in pca about carrera havinga presence on here, er where exactly ?. either they are doing so well they can't be bothered or they can't defend against their critics.

  Gannondorf 21:56 10 Jan 2003

This company (SSC)went into liquidation some 18 months ago (could be longer) leaving many people,myself included,with worthless warranties.SSC were then bought out by Carrera who,in my case at least,simply refused to acknowledge any association with SSC and would not honour any warranties etc,this should tell you all you need to know about Carrera.
By the way if you have searched the archives I think most of the complaints about Carrera were long befoe December last.

  Kilobyte 22:13 10 Jan 2003

I would cancel the agreement while this option is still available to you. 6 weeks is quite a long time to wait for delivery of a new pc. If you are having doubts now about their level of service, then what will it be like if problems arise under the warranty?

  Patr100 22:29 10 Jan 2003

Aside from any speculation about Carrera. as you have waited so long since your order without a response you could ring them or simply decide to cancel it but do so in writing and inform your credit card company if goods have not been delivered without a reasonable time limit - 28 days is the usual unless you have been advised otherwise - which you haven't.

  spuds 23:37 10 Jan 2003

Why not express your concern with your credit card company.Taking payments, making delivery promises, then breaking them and difficult or non replies to correspondence/telephone calls, would surely warrant investigation.I should also add that Carrera have been mentioned on this website well before December.If you subscribe to other computer magazines, you may find a recent article about Carrera, in one of them.

  JAC828 00:07 12 Jan 2003

Cancel it now. From my experience it just gets worse!

  Forum Editor 02:34 12 Jan 2003

would it not be an idea to phone the company and see what they say? If I read your post correctly you haven't done this yet.

You are entitled to question Carrera about your order, particularly after such a long period has elapsed. Did your written order confirmation mention a delivery date?

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