User-F19B448A-819C-4883-991C282DFCFBDA20 21:34 20 Jul 2003

I am looking at the carrera octan special as advertised in the current pc magazines. Has anyone out there got one of these machines and is it any good? Also what is there service like?

  ulti65 10:53 24 Jul 2003

I bought a carrera pc in march and had nothing but problems ,The first one sent to me was damaged the second faulty ,the third did not even get to me the forth damaged ,the back up was extermely hard to contact and it took the threat of legal action to finally get my money back ,based on this info I will let you decide.

  mistet5091 12:35 27 Jul 2003

I have just order a pc from carrera and have i now i am i bit worred has any one got a good thing to say about them

  wee eddie 19:02 27 Jul 2003

All those people that did not complain

Just to let you know that I bought a very high spec 'TIME' computer (realy) which I am very pleased with.

  Starfox 23:30 27 Jul 2003

jpieter--do a search of the PCA archives for Carrera and you will find interesting reading,they certainly seem to be top of the complaints pile but as wee eddie says there must be some satisfied customers or they would not stay in business.

  beattyben 23:03 30 Jul 2003

jpieter-do as Starfox suggests and visit the PCA archives for Carrera. I had all kinds of problems, which I posted on this site and for no reason were wiped (thank goodness for freedom of speech!!!!). Carrera finally had to build another machine,several programs were not loaded as per the spec,. I wasted time waiting for collection/delivery and all I got for my troubles were sarcastic comments from the repair dept and £50.00 compensation. Good luck

  stot 18:56 09 Sep 2003

Bought a system from carrera which arrived last week. The only problem was the absence of the XP master CD which I'd ordered. I told them about it and it arrived in the post today so it's a thumbs-up from me so far.

  choffe 14:02 14 Sep 2003

i liked carerra, but found i could build one for half the price, p4 3gig 800fsb, 875 motherboard, 512 meg 3200 ram, 120 gig hd dwd rw, case set me back 800 quid, and i used my old os, runs great and my home insurance covers it..
another thing, building a system is greatly satisfying and easier than you may think.. give it a go..

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