Carrera : 1st impression's v. good...

  *mark 20:48 03 Jan 2003
  *mark 20:48 03 Jan 2003

After much deliberation I've decided to buy a new PC from CarreraSSC.

I realise they have had some bad press on here but so have ALL? other manufacturers at some time or another. What impressed me most about Carrera was their customer service & sales teams willingness to speak at lengh on the phone and then send me a couple of detailed e-mails with comprehensice spec's and prices.

On the strengh of this, added to their value for money, long gaurantee, and generally good reputation, I've just ordered the following;

SPECIFICATIONS: Athlon AMD XP2000+, 768Mb DDR 333MHz RAM, 57.2Gb 7,200 RPM hard disk,
64Mb GeForce4 Ti 4200 graphics card, LiteOn 16xDVD 48xCD drive, LiteOn 48xCD 40xCD-R 12xCD-R/W drive, integrated 5.1 sound, 200W Subwoofer 3 Piece Speaker System, 17in Mitsubishi DiamondPlus 750SB monitor, Intel V.92 modem. Window's XP. + other software.

All the above will cost me £767.27 including VAT & delivery, which to me looks like something of a bargain. Ive been told that my credit-card wont be debited untill the day of despatch and that delivery should take between 10 and 14 working days.

Fingers crossed, I should have the new system here, and up and running by the 23rd(ish). I'll let you know how I get on...


  doorman 00:20 04 Jan 2003


  astral traveller 10:27 04 Jan 2003

Carrera debited my credit card on 18th December - pc not due until 10th Jan. However, they didn't say say that they wouldn't debit my credit card until despatch as in your case so must not be a blanket pollicy. Hope all goes well for you, my fingers crossed too, let's hope we can both post good news here in the next couple of weeks.

  Oriole 13:24 04 Jan 2003

Thats an excellent price for the specification. I hope it lives up to your expectations and I wish you a trouble free time with your new PC.

  mouseman 19:50 28 Jan 2003

Update please *Mark

  *mark 15:54 30 Jan 2003

The PC arrived today, its a shame it was a bit late but these things happen...

The one thing which did surprise me was that the WindowsXP Recovery CD is missing ! I telephoned Carrera who assured me that they would send one to me in the next day or two.

Apart from that Im pleased with my bargain system and am glad I upgraded the graphics card to a 128Mb version for an extra £19. Im impressed with the metalic blue/grey tower case, the monitor is fab and the speakers sound good. And the 5 free games are'nt bad either.

I'll keep you posted about the WindowsXP Recovery CD's arrival and the how the PC performs.

At first glance things seems to be working fine - Im glad I chose Carrera :)



  Djohn 16:44 30 Jan 2003

*mark, pleased to hear! Wish you many years of happy use.

  flying scotsman33 16:58 30 Jan 2003

Well my new Carrera System is due imminently. Fingers-crossed it comes with everything I asked for & works fine. They certainly need some good feedback on here, looking at the other Carrera threads on here!

  scooby03 12:44 31 Jan 2003

Well I know they have had a lot flack recently, most of which I discovered after I had ordered my PC from them! But it has now turned up after 3 weeks as promised and bar one CD not being included in the pack everything seems spot on with it. Their support team said they send this thru to me and it arrived in a couple of days. Having done price comparisons with Mesh & Multivision, Carrera came out on top and it looks like they have delivered the goods. The spec is top notch, P4 2.8ghz, 512 ddr 333 mhz, Radeon 9700 Pro, 120 GB HD, separate DVD/CDRW, Audigy Platinum 2 & ZX500 speakers. All for £1400! Hooked upto my new Samsung 181T and its very nice thanks.

Well done Carrera who seem to be getting things sorted for the majority!

  automanz 13:54 31 Jan 2003

I brought a Carrera system back in 1998!! and yes its coming up 4 its 5th b/day. At the time it was a top spec 300MHZ!! and cost £1700 with printer and monitor which was good at the time. I must say I have had no problems with it and would always recommend them 2 anyone. Good luck with you new systems.

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