jesta 18:01 07 Feb 2005

hi,since carrera went bust has any company taken over carrera yet because i am thinking of buying a pc from them?thanks in advance

  Starfox 18:26 07 Feb 2005


  jesta 18:46 07 Feb 2005

i want to know because i want to buy a pc but i want to know if they have been taken over.i want to know how good is the company that has taken over it.

  Starfox 19:01 07 Feb 2005

Well obviously the choice is yours, but the reason I asked why is that this is not the first time Carrera have gone bust leaving a trail of useless warranties and badly or incomplete machines.

Watford Electronics were reported to be interested in taking on the Carrera brand name but I think they have dropped the idea as the news has dissapeared from their website.

Maybe some other forum members can update you on the current situation but I wish you luck with your Pc purchase.

  961 19:14 07 Feb 2005

Even if someone does take them over it will be a whole new ball game

Don't rely on previous advertising

  GibsonSt19 20:23 07 Feb 2005

They're now run by Watford electronics.

I know this, as I purchased a Carrera PC in December, just before christmas, and found out about 2 weeks later that they'd gone into administration. I've recently received a letter from Watford asking me whether I wish to take up their 'highly subsidised' warranty options.

I've personally heard lots of good stuff about Watford, and have received many successful completed orders from Savastore.

Up to you though.

  Starfox 21:23 07 Feb 2005

Well I can certainly recommend them, in my dealings with them the service has been excellent.

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