Carphone Warehouse - used phone?

  lisa02 21:29 09 Jul 2009

I took a mobile phone back to Carphone Warehouse that was faulty, 5 days old. Simple he just scanned at the till and away I went. I've just got it home and it's clearly been used...

The phone didn't go through the Initial set-up, the spare stylus is missing from the box and (very gross) the earphones are used; they were unravelled. The phone itself is covered in finger prints and was just laying in the slot where it goes, no little plastic bag.

Any opinions?

  tullie 21:41 09 Jul 2009

Yes,i would expect them to have used the phone to see if its working,has use of the phone used any of your call time?Wipe the fingerprints off.

  lisa02 21:53 09 Jul 2009

So they use the phone and accessories to make sure the customer gets a working phone and are kind enough to share their ear sweat & wax?

Only problems (bar hygiene) are my first one was faulty and this one won't now won't load up after crashing - it stays on a pure white screen with the Nokia logo and won't move. I pulled the battery and put it back in and still the same.

You don't work for them do you?

  tullie 22:05 09 Jul 2009

No i dont work for them,i dident know that it still dident work,not sure what the routine is but take it back and get a replacement or refund.Maybe someone will offer better advice.

  lisa02 22:15 09 Jul 2009

I'm surprised this has happened tullie, really. I won't hold any grudge against them until I speak with them tomorrow. The replacement is meant to be brand new and it is clearly a faulty return. I expect an apology and either a brand new phone or a refund of my £200 without haste.

  ened 07:25 10 Jul 2009

My advice (from experience of CPW) is if you get any kind od dispute starting this morning ask for the manager.

If that person gets funny in any way simply ask for the Head Office number and walk out.

It will be sorted out and HO will offer such platitudes as they will be 're-training' their staff etc. But the reality is it is them which cause the pressure which makes the staff behave like this!

  Kevscar1 08:04 10 Jul 2009

Don't expect to much from them. I have still got agencies chasing me for payment on a missold contract from 2 yrs ago which I refused to pay for. They have a Higher Complaints Dept but will not give you a phone number or e-mail. I wrote recorded got proof of delivery and was totally ignored.

  Jafe 08:38 10 Jul 2009

i've had something simlar to this before and i thought they replaced faulty handsets with referbs not brand-spankers.

as wrong as it may sound i think its in your T&C.

  ened 08:50 10 Jul 2009

I have to say that, when I had my problem I wrote to Charles Dunstone's email address and received a quick response which was dealt with to my complete satisfaction.

However, as I said before I believe there is so much pressure on the store staff to maximise profits that unethical practices are bound to creep in!

  lisa02 10:15 10 Jul 2009

Took it back promptly at 9am.

Explained my issue to them and they denied it was used. He was very abrupt, bordering on rude, and seemed to be accusing in his tone when he asked about the fault. Repeatedly saying "strange", "never heard of that before" and "how weird" despite the fact it was clearly evident that the phone would not load (boot) up.

He brought out a new one and opened it in front of me. He actually marked it on the top slightly as he was so rough with the handset when he pulled the back panel off.

If it goes wrong I'll post it to Nokia for repair.

  daveeb 15:31 16 Jul 2009

lisa02 your experience of carphone warehouse customer care doesn't come as any surprise to me.
I too had to return a phone and was met by a surly and indifferent response once they realised i wasn't buying and eventually they rudely fobbed me off even though i'm fairly dogged in these matters. Suffice to say if i need a phone now I look to the supermarkets or Amazon, never ever CPW.

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