Carphone Warehouse Mess-Ups?

  unlucky??? 21:49 04 Jun 2010

I feel really upset. Today I just got a Black Berry phone from Carphone Warehouse. It's on contract.
I was first declined a contract, but after providing more solid identification, they referred it to a human-being at T-Mobile, who agreed and said "YES" to me having a contract phone.

At Carphone Warehouse, they told me that my phone's features will not be working for at least a couple of hours and that it will activate later in the day... (but I think they said that this could take up to 48 hours).

So I waited but then decided to ring T-Mobile.
It was a shock to hear a man speaking on behalf of T-Mobile, say that he couldn't understand how I was given the phone and that due to my credit history... It's impossible for me to have one (Even though I already have a contract with T-Mobile). He told me that I must return the phone to the shop... and that he doesn't know how they gave me one.

I rang again... Just to be sure... and spoke with someone, and they said that the phone isn't registered and that I need to take it back in to the shop to have them register it for me.

Now I'm confused and don't know what's going on. Tomorrow I will take it back to the shop... But does anyone here know of a similar experience? Are they going to take the phone back off me?

I mean... There is a contract... Isn't Carphone Warehouse breaking the contract if they take it back off me?

I've just paid up front and in full... The first year's insurance for the phone...

They've also just cut it off and I have this on the top of the screen "SIM not provisioned:2"... And "SOS" in the top right corner where the reception bars are.

Have Carphone Warehouse broken the contract if they take the phone away and then tell me I'm not entitled to a phone??

Can someone please help me out with some information?

Many Thanks

  spuds 17:00 05 Jun 2010

It would appear that there are a combination of factors regarding the problems you are having. The only way that you will find out the true situation is to talk with CPW.

Regarding breaking the contract, may or may not be correct, depending on what information as been provided.

You could contact Consumer Direct click here

  unlucky??? 20:08 06 Jun 2010

I went in to Carphone Warehouse and they told me that there seems to have been a mistake. I was also told to return the phone A.S.A.P other-wise they will charge me £450 for the phone...

I have to get a refund for £163, for the first year's insurance which I paid up-front.

I will contact Consumer Direct.

Thanks very much.

  birdface 08:21 07 Jun 2010

Their mistake I would not have left the shop without the £163 refund or I would have held on to the phone until they paid it.

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