Carphone Warehouse - Free 'New' PS3 deal

  herrflick 10:18 31 May 2010

Anyone else had problems with the CW?

Last week my wife signed up online for the following here. She wanted the phone and I was happy to get a 'free' ps3. To be honest I thought I would have to wait and jump through hoops to get the PS3 (voucher, proof of income etc) but to my surprise a few days after it was ordered the phoned AND the ps3.

All was well with the world. That was until I opened up the already open box (my first clue). Within in few seconds it was obvious to me this was not a new ps3. There were dust and scrape marks on the ac plug. Then I looked at the ps3 itself, it had more scratches on it than my dogs chew toy. In fact, the only things that looked new were the controller and one of the instruction booklets. Sorry, this is more long winded than I had intended.

Wife complained over the phone later that day. After much ado she was told to take the unit to the nearest CW for a clean swap. OK. A pain but not the biggest hassle in the world. Went to the shop the next morning. The service at the store was excellent. The advisor appeared to try his very best to sort it out but after an hour of back n forths we found out - unit was def not new (good news, at least I wasnt blind). The online people should not have told you to go into the store, basically they fobbed my wife off cause it's well known that that store does not carry any of those units. We were then told in order to sort it out we would have to cancel the contract, reapply and wait around 5-6 weeks for a new phone. My wife had already cancelled her current contract so this was not an option. So, she was told to come in the next day and they would do their very best to sort out a good deal.

The next day came. I was unable to go in with my wife due to baby duties. She's not the best in these situations but considering the hassle they put her through she would get a nice deal in the end. NO. She came home crying with the Htc Desire phone, a 24 month £30 direct debit and absolutely no free gift.

Not the best customer service I have ever experienced.

Not the best customer service I have ever

  bremner 11:52 31 May 2010

I would write or email the CEO Charles Dunstone. click here

Remember it is vital you are polite and stick to the facts.

I had one of the worst customer service experiences of my life with CPW and would never do business with them (or Talk Talk) ever again.

  spuds 12:25 31 May 2010

Perhaps to add further coals to the fire. CPW and Talk Talk are now two total separate companies, and in theory have nothing to do with each other.

Perhaps a chat to Consumer Direct click here might help!.

  herrflick 13:25 31 May 2010

Thx for the advice. In all honesty, we just have a newborn baby and with work and the usual stuff, a long dragged out fight over this is not what I want.

I'm trying to convince the other half to take her phone back (have to say it's a really nice phone) and cancel all contact and contracts asap and then take our business elsewhere.

I just wanted to make people aware to check their 'free' gift is new as promised as I have used this site a lot to help with various purchases.

Would also like to point out that I am not saying CPW is terrible company, just that on this occasion some of their customer service was way below what any normal customer would expect/hope for and to send out a used/ex display/returned PS3 hoping that it wouldn't be noticed is downright criminal.

  spuds 15:19 31 May 2010

Not sure how it works out with CPW nowadays, but you might be in for a further surprise regarding contract cancellations, especially if it was signed in the store!.

Perhaps best to take up my suggestion, and contact Consumer Direct!.

  herrflick 20:10 01 Jun 2010

Turns out you were right Spud. My wife tried to return the phone and was told 'they don't do returns'?

Now, I'm sure they have it written into the contract that she signed but is this legal?

  spuds 20:52 01 Jun 2010

Any contract supplied by CPW would be completely legal, because they would have all the legal advisor's who specialise on these type of contracts on hand.

But that doesn't necessarily mean "they don't do returns". Sometimes its far easier for the manager or staff to persuade the customer to think otherwise. Have you checked the contract regarding a possible 'cooling-off' period!.

The only easy way that you will resolve this issue, is to contact your local trading standards, free legal advice centre, CAB or Consumer Direct for further advice. Remember also, that the longer you leave things, the more difficult it may become to resolve any issues.

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