Carphone Warehouse - Customer Service?

  Beemermal 11:39 27 Aug 2009

What a rubbish company Carphone Warehouse is. (in my opinion)

They do not answer letters of complaint (sent by recorded delivery to their complaints dept and to Charles Dunstone, the CEO) After two replacement phones that both failed within 2 weeks of purchase the third one they supplied lasted 9 weeks before it failed. The company point blank refuse to either refund or replace because it worked okay for more than 28 days which is their cut off time to replace a faulty phone.

All CPW want to do is repair it, time and time again and they are not capable of even doing that properly. My phone has spent more time in their repair shop than in my pocket!

They know that most people won't take them to court because that is the only redress I have now. Beware, because if you buy a phone from Carphone Warehouse, and it becomes faulty, they won't replace it.

  oldbeefer2 12:29 27 Aug 2009

Small Claims Court seems to be the route to go if you've tried averything else. Even the 'threat' of such action has been known to spur reluctant businesses into action!

  oldbeefer2 12:32 27 Aug 2009

Check your facts from click here for example, and present them with these facts. I would suggest face to face at the shop on a busy day.

  ened 12:51 27 Aug 2009

I had to go into their shop in Newquay on several occasions last year to try to sort out something I had been lied to before purchasing.

(A slight digression:I did get it sorted but only after contacting their HO via Charles Dunstone'e office)

Almost without fail everytime I was in there somebody was complaining about something. One woman, who apparently lived in the sticks, had switched to them for her internet and on the day of change-over her telephone had been disconnected.

Then yesterday I was going round all the stores to look for a deal for my wife: went into CPW at the top of the High Street (Aylesbury) and there was a lady in there being extremely vocal about her particular problem!

I wonder if the other phone companies have as many problems?

  Stuartli 13:13 27 Aug 2009

>>I wonder if the other phone companies have as many problems?>>

Based on the odds of probability, yes.

  spuds 15:34 27 Aug 2009

Irrespective of what CPW terms and conditions or their shop staff state, consumer law is paramount on what your legal rights are in resolving a faulty product issue, more so within the first 6 months.

Contact Consumer Direct click here for more advice.

  bremner 16:18 27 Aug 2009

The worst Customer experience I have ever has was with CPW.

12 months of phone calls, letters and emails being ignored in trying to get £100 they owed me.

Eventually got the money but would never ever do business with them again.

  Beemermal 08:43 31 Aug 2009

This is the latest letter sent me by Carphone Warehouse.....Amazing, consumer law means absolutely nothing to them! I have only one option left now. To sue them

"You will only be offered a replacement handset if your phone develops the same fault 4 times within a 28 day period.
We are unable to authorise the store to offer any other service than a repair on your handset.
I would encourage you at this time to log the phone in at your local store for repair."

  ened 09:15 31 Aug 2009

What I don't understand about these companies is that, if a product is faulty, they are not going to be out of pocket because thay will simply return it to the manufacturer.

So why are they behaving in a way that can only be detrimental to their future business?

  dagnammit 10:14 31 Aug 2009

The manufacturers pay them for repairing the handsets as "authorised agents".

Ergo handset fails = more profit by repairing it.

They replace the handset they lose the stream of revenue from repairs. They lose a sale (by giving you a phone the could have sold to someone else) and quite possibly the manufacturer won't take the faulty one back off them.

ened, is it detrimental? They have a present on every corner of the highstreet, stock the biggest range of phones and the complainers normally accept what the company tells them.

Repair, repair, repair and then "oh sorry, it's got water damage, your warranty is void".

  dagnammit 10:25 31 Aug 2009

I should have said...

I had a bad experience with them repairing a phone twice and came back the second time with a crack near the hinge/screws for opening the handset but they denied wrong doing. It failed a third time and I threw it in the bin.

My current phone, I still bought from them 2.5 weeks ago, they had it at the lowest price. ie £199 vs £229 else where.

If it fails in the first 6 months I'll go nuts (persue them) until they replace it. After that I'll contact Nokia directly for a mail in repair.

Also....... Phones4u and most other retailers only replace in 28 days... after that they want to repair it.

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