The Carphone Warehouse broadband offer

  Forum Editor 18:08 22 Apr 2006

hasn't exactly got you all falling over each other in the rush to sign up has it?

If our unofficial poll is to be believed on a small percentage of you have signed, or are planning to sign in the near future - just 10.5%

What is it that's stopping you all - free broadband for life is a fantastic offer.........isn't it?

  TOPCAT® 18:27 22 Apr 2006

my current provider - Pipex - to make a positive move on this, once they see how the competition will react. As I was upgraded recently to 2Mbps, for around a fiver less per month, I'm now on a further 12 month contract anyway. So, it's wait and see time for me, but I reckon many similar offers will be around by the time my contract expires. Here's hoping I'm right on this! :o) TC.

  spuds 19:09 22 Apr 2006

Everyone waiting for the newspaper and television adverts to appear, with the special springtime 'free' broadband offers, from other ISP's ;O).

  Forum Editor 19:10 22 Apr 2006

and have been for years. I have no intention of moving, simply because the grass might appear a little greener on the other side of the fence.

A lifetime of experience has taught me to know that nobody in business ever gives you anything for nothing - ever - unless they are either deperate or stupid. The CarPhone Warehouse directors are neither.

I'm staying with my efficient, reliable broadband supplier, and I suspect that many other people will feel the same way.

  Forum Editor 19:22 22 Apr 2006

but cost - although important - isn't my prime concern. What I need/want is a fast, reliable service, and prompt attention if anything goes wrong.

I get all that from BT, and so I'll stay. To be honest, I feel a certain sense of loyalty to BT - they've done exactly what they said they would do, ever since they first introduced broadband in the UK. I joined them then, and I've been with them ever since. I think they deserve my business, and I'm not about to skip off somewhere else, just because another company has dressed its shop window with bright, shiny things.

  namtas 20:43 22 Apr 2006

I would have thought it was a clear motive, cut the profit margin to the finest limit, capture a mass market. Develop a vast data base and control the market as the competition drop out.
Haven't we seen this before with the oil companys and the supermarkets.
I have to say I am well pleased with Talk Talk as a service provider

  Stuartli 20:51 22 Apr 2006

>>Haven't we seen this before with the oil companies and the supermarkets.>>

If you are thinking of the cost of petrol, around 80 per cent or more of each pound's worth you buy goes to the Chancellor.

As for supermarkets, shopping has never been cheaper in real terms than it is today.

The same applies to computer products, electronics, hi-fi and a vast range of other goods.

  Forum Editor 00:38 23 Apr 2006

in the first year of this scheme's life. The gamble is that enough people will sign up for the 18 month contract to make the £9.99 a month payments profitable. The line rental charge still has to be paid to BT (by CPW), and that's included in the payment you make to CPW - bringing your monthly charge to £20.99. There's also that £29.99 connection charge - that CPW says is the cost of transferring your line from BT.

I imagine the crunch time will come in 18 months, when all those early adopters are going to make a decision about whether they'll sign for another 18 months - or not.

  carver 08:13 23 Apr 2006

I was going to change but when I asked for a MAC code from Wannadoo the offer to not change was just too good to miss,free upgrade to the fastest line capability,new and upgraded wireless box,free VOIP for 6 months, no monthly limit on internet usage and the best part was a reduction in cost of £10 a month. Now this might not seem a lot but there is no new contract to tie me down for 12 months and I will be interested to see how Talk Talk manage with it's customer service side of it if things go wrong. And one other thing made me reconsider staying with Wannadoo, I was told that they are also going to be bringing out their own reponse to this in the next couple of months.

  Forum Editor 10:20 23 Apr 2006

I would imagine that there will be more than one competitive response to the CPW scheme over the coming months.

Offering people free (or very cheap) broadband services is one way of capturing market share, but it's not the only way. Another ploy could be the addition of free services - such as VOIP - to existing broadband packages, and I espect to see more of that going on. VOIP is undoubtedly a growth area, and there's room for competition, particularly in the area of calling normal landline numbers. Here's where call-charge competition can get vicious, and that's an area where big-hitters like BT could make inroads. Free UK calls for all have been talked about for years, and there's no doubt that BT could do it. Free anytime calls from all landline numbers with a BT broadband account might be an idea to start with.

  Stuartli 10:33 23 Apr 2006

There are free VOiP services already such as:

click here

but the point about the CPW offer is that it includes free AnyTime UK phone calls and also to 28 international destinations including Europe, the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

I'm aware that the monthly cost is £9.99, but that could quickly be recouped by those who use their phone frequently, especially for international calls.

"Free" BB seems to be the icing on the cake; a reverse in fact of free VOiP with a broadband service...:-)

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