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  jessieros 16:35 11 Mar 2008

After seeing the reviews of Carbonite in PC advisor, I bought the product and thought it was really good
However, for two days now I have been unable to backup because the 'Carbonite server is temporarily down for maintenance'. Emails are not answered and when I tried to phone, I got a message that they were too busy to take any more calls.
This is quite worrying! I wonder if the company are still operating at all?
Does anyone have any news or (worst case scenario!) any good suggestions for an alternative online backup service?
Thanks in advance

  Captain326 20:36 11 Mar 2008

Hi Jessica,

I also am having the same problem. I eventually was able to get through to customer service and an announcement let me know that I was #9 in line. I waited for over 1 hour, only to hang up since I had to get to the bank before it closed. I previously emailed customer service and I got an acknowledgement that my email was received. Nothing meaningful.

The site, when I last looked, does not have any service alerts listed ... I find this troubling.

You may find Vinny Carpenter's blog of interest. The CEO of Carbonite (David Friend) joined in.
In this blog, I learned of Mozy which is another remote backup service.

click here

I suspect that we are not alone in this Carbonite issue. Misery enjoys company!

Let's hope we get some meaningful news from Carbonite soon.



  Captain326 02:28 12 Mar 2008

Hi again Jessica,

I received an email reply from Carbonite one hour ago. The following is what I received:

Please reinstall Carbonite by following the instructions below to reconnect.

Log on to click here.

Click the My Protected Computers tab.

Click the Reinstall button. (If you have more than one subscribed computer, you'll need to select the appropriate PC and then click the Reinstall button.)

Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation process.

The reinstall took less than a minute, and all is O.K. now. Carbonite is now in the process of doing the backup of my new/changed files.

I hope you too meet with success.



  jessieros 08:46 12 Mar 2008

Dear Kathie
Thanks so much for letting me know - that's very encouraging! I'll try it now
Best wishes

  Captain326 17:57 12 Mar 2008

Hi Jessica,

I wrote back to Carbonite yesterdat, asking for an explanation as to what happened. Here is the reply I received today:

"What specifically happened is that a sub-set of customers running v3.5.89 experienced a glitch in the communications between their systems and our server when it came back up on Monday morning.

The simplest way to clear it was the reinstallation of Carbonite on your system as was suggested. The area of code enabling this condition to happen in the first place has been addressed in v3.5.90 and should clear the condition for future server maintenance sessions we undertake.

A blast email was sent to all affected users still not communicating with our servers yesterday afternoon and a service alert was posted on our website after the trend in support requests was recognized.

We apologize for any confusion or inconvenience this may have caused you.

Thank you for using Carbonite!"

In one of my emails to Carbonite, I made mention of the lack of an alert. I am glad to see an alert is now on the site pertaining to what we experienced.

I trust that you are back up and running!

Until the next fire.....



  jessieros 18:51 12 Mar 2008

Thanks Kathie - yes it all worked fine. Such a relief! I really thought I had wasted my money.
Thanks again for your help
Best wishes

  tercar 21:48 17 Mar 2008

All of a sudden this weekend, I discovered a popup message from Carbonite telling me "Files are due for a backup". Whe I tried to click on the button, it was not responsive. My experience with Carbonite until now was that the process was automatic and I didn't have to do a thing. I then tried going to the Carbonite website and Internet Explorer couldn't take me there! It seems the web page no longer exists! Or at least it is down temporarily. But the popup is still there after three days and I don't know what to do. I'm worried that they have quietly gone out of business.

Does anyone have any ideas?


  jessieros 21:56 17 Mar 2008

Hello tercar, After reading your message I found I couldn't see the little icon in my taskbar, which rather worried me. however I did get through to the website Ok and, having checked the backup status on the files I changed today, they do seem to have been backed up ok.
Have you tried to contact their support number? I think it should still be open because it's on US eastern time

  tercar 11:37 18 Mar 2008

Thank you, jessieros, for the reassurance.
Please tell me their support number!
I couldn't find it anywhere. I must contact them.

Thank you!

  jessieros 11:56 18 Mar 2008

The number is 001 617 587 1100 - open 9-5 EST
Hope that helps
Best wishes

  xavier2219 12:22 28 Mar 2008

I have not been able to get contact with Carbonite for two weeks. The server seems to be down for maintenance and the website does not exist any more.

So the solution to log on to the website and reinstall is impossible.

It seems they have got out of business.

Does anyone have any ideas?


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