caravan covers

  chass 21:51 28 Mar 2008

have a new caravan and would like advise about useing a caravan winter cover , anybody used one ?thinking on the lines of a Pro-tec covers

  STREETWORK 23:31 28 Mar 2008

I use a breathable cover tied down securly using protective foam on the roof corners to prevent rubbing.

Never had a problem yet, but I do allow the caravan to air out when the weather is fine...

  Al94 11:19 29 Mar 2008

May I suggest a good caravan forum might be the best place to post this query click here

  Clapton is God 12:30 29 Mar 2008

Also, please ensure that your caravan is kept under cover when summer arrives.

That way, by not towing it around, you won't clog up the roads and create traffic queues for other road users.

  Border View 12:39 29 Mar 2008

Thank you for that link. Brilliant site for us caravanners who sometimes spend time away from computers.

Sad Clapton, sad.

  peter99co 22:53 29 Mar 2008

You should consider a top cap on your van as you can find that your windows will get scatched if you fail to clean them. Any grit on the van needs to be washed off before covering it. The top of the van can give problems to the cover if you have a flue or tv antenna and will need a wrapping of foam so as not to damage the cover.

When you remove the cover go out and enjoy yourself and if you manage to create a convoy you should pull over and let them pass as I do. The drive to the campsite is part of the holiday and should not be rushed.

  peter99co 11:34 30 Mar 2008

As for a supplier I have seen good covers at

click here

Happy Camping

  Ancient Learner 15:20 30 Mar 2008

Never used a cover when we had a caravan. Had one for more than 35 years (not the same one) and considered a cover too dangerous for the health of the van. Just used a quality wash and wax additive to bucket of water and plenty of water to rinse off, and my vans were always in pristine condition, in spite of living in the middle of the area containing the 3 largest coal burning power stations in the land.
Tried a farmers barn one winter - never again - got mice in the van.

The best storage place is a high carport, so that the top is covered but with plenty of ventilation.

  truthnothingbut 19:09 21 Nov 2008

dont but a pro tec cover what a waste of money
the quality is rubbish" had mine for 6 months and it ripped from the back to the front,phoned pro tec they didnt want to know ( act of god )lucky for us the mother in law done a great repair job only for it to rip for a second time this winter in a diffrent place, so beware

  amonra 20:33 21 Nov 2008

If you do get a cover and tie it down, make sure it doesn't rub against the windows. I had one once and when it came to be uncovered in the following spring, the window "glass" was scratched to h**l and back. It took many hours of patient buffing with T Cut to try and restore them.

  sunnystaines 12:37 13 Nov 2009

nice to see fellow campers on pca.

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