Car Tax Fair or unfair

  birdface 16:39 05 Jul 2012

Daughter came in last night and said she had just renewed her car Tax and it cost £250 for the year.

Don't be daft I said it cannot be as much as that for a 1600cc petrol car.

My Brother in Law pays £195 for a 2 Litre deisel DTI car.

So she phoned the DVLA and was told what she was charged was correct as it goes on H2o emissions or something like that.Something far wrong when it is cheaper to Tax a large car than a smaller one.

  tullie 17:13 05 Jul 2012

As the man said,its the emissions.

  BT 17:20 05 Jul 2012

All the rates here

Tax Rates

  BT 17:21 05 Jul 2012

Heres the link again

Tax Rates

  spuds 17:24 05 Jul 2012

You will never beat the system.

A couple of years ago I thought that I was being clever in getting a lower tax rated car, with a supposed higher mileage less fuel engine.

Didn't take to long to fathom out that the bigger comfortable car was the way forward, blow the rest of it. Pay up and enjoy.

  interzone55 21:20 05 Jul 2012

A 2l diesel will use less fuel than a 1.6l petrol, and seeing as tax is now based on emissions (and has been for several years), the tax for the smaller car will be higher.

My 1.6l diesel is £20 a year...

  birdface 21:53 05 Jul 2012

Alan what make of car do you have.

Might be on the lookout for one soon.

Well I suppose it is swings and roundabouts.Some are cheaper and some are dearer.

Thanks for all of the advice at least I know how to work out the cost now.

  alB 22:36 05 Jul 2012

Here's an interesting site that lists road tax prices, wonder what would happen if everyone decided to buy "free" road tax cars ...alB

Road tax prices

  mole44 05:31 06 Jul 2012

Like alan14,my road tax is £20 a year,the car is the top of the range Ford fiesta titanium,1.4 diesel. The first year is free as well.As a point i got a factory fit reversing camera,brilliant,little pici comes up on the rear view mirror when you slip into reverse.

  birdface 09:58 06 Jul 2012

Nice one alB that gives us a better idea as what to buy and how much it is going to cost.

My daughters car would cost £130 a year less if it was diesel.

mole44 thanks for that info.My Daughter needs something a bit bigger as kids are growing up quick and she has a Dog.

My Son in Law got laid of work about 5 weeks ago but has managed to get a new one that he starts next week.

New job is 25 miles away so he is looking for a 2nd hand car and now at least he will be able to choose one in the right Tax bracket thanks to the help of those that have posted.

I have an old van sitting out the back which he is going to get a MOT Tax and Insurance for and use that till he can afford something better.

I will class this as resolved thanks to all who took part.Feel free to post any other information that may be hepfull if maybe not to me it may help others who may be watching.

  interzone55 12:28 06 Jul 2012


Mini Cooper D - new ones are even more economical so Road Tax is free and also London Congestion Charge exempt

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