Car Registered, Incorrect Keeper,Debt Collector

  Cara2 23:24 19 Feb 2018

Yet another issue to resolve. Hoping this is straightforward, but want to be prepared for the worse. As a business (Garage), we have received a Notice of Enforcement for a vehicle which is not / has no association with us. Slightly disconcerting, the notice is addressed to us (our address) with the same first name, but different second name i.e Autos instead of Motors.
The parking offence was November, 2016. This is the first correspondence we have received, (the letter from the debt collector) about the parking ticket. I have telephoned them today to explain they have the incorrect keeper and have been asked to email, which I have done. However, I am concerned they may choose to ignore us and turn up at the business. Incidentally, they won't tell me what the vehicle is (only the registration) due to data protection. I have used the Gov road tax link, online to try to get a bit of info on the registration, however, it throws it out .. no info. (We do now know what the vehicle as we have found out in a roundabout route). Of course, all this may be resolved logically .. but if it is not, any advance advice please?

  Cara2 13:01 20 Feb 2018

Thank you Rdave13. It gave a fair bit of information.

I have rung up the DVLA who were surprisingly helpful over the phone. The car has been written off.

We are not registered keepers and will receive a letter to confirm this. Hopefully, that will be the end of the matter.

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