Car park accident help!!!!!

  Evie 17:04 25 Feb 2019

Hi everyone, The other day my partner was driving into the parking space. As he was driving in the car in front started to reversing and bumped into him. There’s no damage on any of the cars. The other driver wants to make a claim against my partner, saying it was his fault. When asked why he was reversing he said that he wanted to take space behind him as the one he was parked in was too tight and he’s blaming my partner for not noticing his reverse lights ! My partner didn’t think and he got no photos of the other car but there’s no damage on our car.

  alanrwood 18:17 25 Feb 2019

I would say the fault is split 60/40 with the other driver taking the 60%. Reversing without due care and attention and insufficient observation.

However if either car was stationary when the cars touched then that would be the innocent party.

  Evie 18:39 25 Feb 2019

alanrwood thank you for your reply. The both car were moving as my partner was driving in and the other driver was reversing to change the car space. I don’t understand why he’s trying to make a claim when there’s no visible damage to the cars ? He also had a parking sensors which he claims didn’t work on time

  bremner 19:43 25 Feb 2019

It makes no difference what anyone says on here regarding apportioning blame, that can only be decided by the insurance company.

With no independent witnesses experience suggests it will most likely be seen as knock for knock.

  HondaMan 15:22 26 Feb 2019

Watch out for an accident management company trying to get involved. Your partner must notify his insurance company but make sure that is is for information only.

So far as "the claim" is concerned, this sounds like a "try on". What on earth is he trying to claim for; personal injury? Cash for crash springs to mind.

  The Kestrel 08:01 28 Feb 2019

Your insurance company should be dealing with this. If your insurance policy includes legal cover any need for court action will be covered. For further advice you could go to Citizens Advice or visit their website.

  HondaMan 12:53 28 Feb 2019

Insurance companies take the cheap option (for them) and pay, thereby costing you your NCD. You are obliged to notify them of the accident, but you should make it clear that it purely a notification as required and that you do not require them to deal with it on your behalf. If the other party goes to their insurer, which I doubt, you may need to involve your insurer.

  xania 11:17 04 Mar 2019

IMHO a reversing light is only informative and it is still the reversing driver who needs to take precautions. I suggest your partner retorts by blaming him for not seeing he was there BEFORE attempting to reverse!

This is why a dashcam is nowadays an essential.

  KEITH 1955 13:06 16 Mar 2019

somebody reversed into the side of me recently in a supermarket car park , I am about to go to court as the driver has decided to try and sue ME for whiplash , note ….. you can only get whiplash going forwards and not in reverse and definitely not at walking pace.

The guy did not notice I had a dashcam and I have not even told the police , I just intend going to court with the footage.

  Menzie 14:15 16 Mar 2019

If you do get one, make sure your dashcam is setup properly. If the dashcam shows time even a minute off it can be dismissed as evidence.

Likewise if the footage is too grainy to see the number plate.

You should also check periodically that the SD card is still good as with all the writing and overwriting they eventually go bad.

  KEITH 1955 14:24 16 Mar 2019

Hi Menzie , my dashcams online manual shows where and where not to put it on your windscreen , I format my card once a month , to set it up correctly I went into a car park and first got the horizontal view correct , I then looked at the car in front of me and counted the same number of cars either side it in my viewfinder.

note...…. as well as filming other car users people forget you are also filming yourself , example I went through a red light as I figured out it was broke , if I had been in an accident could I have proved it was broke … NO

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